As we work, we like to listen to music – and not just any music, the kind that inspires us for the games that we make. The kind of music that can only be listened to as you run to the top of a mountain, in silhouette, as the sun sets behind you and the wind catches your ripped T-Shirt. The kind of music that says only one thing – it’s Go Time.

Here’s link to our collective playlist, on Spotify – which is the most exciting thing to hit the musical landscape since Europe (Spotify, not our playlist…).

It’s Go Time

Highlights include:

  • Don’t Stop Believing (Journey)
  • Magnum PI Theme
  • Danger on the Track (Europe)
  • Bust A Move (Young MC)
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  1. Boston? Toto? Journey? Mr. Mister?


  2. Glad I’ve fialnly found something I agree with!

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