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ToeJam and Grant COMBINED!

Hello all, Grant here. I’m still getting to grips with the blog, so I hope you’ll forgive me if it all goes horribly wrong.

The Gaming Made Me articles on Rock, Paper, Shotgun have got me all misty eyed with nostalgia. Even though I pretend to be a creative type, I don’t really have any ideas of my own, so I decided to steal theirs… Apologies chaps.

Sonic The Hedgehog

“Mario sucks and Sonic rules”. This was written on my noticeboard as a kid. Veterans of ‘The War’ will know what that means. They may pretend to be friends now, but I can’t undo those pictures of Mario being slowly lowered into a mincer…
I can still remember the moment I first turned on my Megadrive with its ‘Arcade Style Graphics’. It pretty much blew my mind. There is still an undeniable charm to the game.

Late at night I still hear the sound of springs.


ToeJam and Earl

I loved this game. I think it’s the most 80s game on the planet. Cool dude aliens from planet Funkotron, wearing hightops and saying things like “Jammin!”. What more could you ask for? One of my fondest gaming memories is discovering the mysterious ‘Level Zero’, where you could relax in a hottub and drink lemonade.

Also, Steve Purcell did all the concept sketches in the booklet, and I have a total man-crush on him.


Double Dragon

I used to have this on my Spectrum (yes – the Spectrum, and it looked amazing). Billy and Jimmy Lee! Many enjoyable hours were spent fly-kicking and hitting punks with baseball bats. My brothers and I were terrified of the ‘big fatties’. Though I’ve recently learned they were called ‘Abobo’, whatever. They smashed through walls and threw oil-drums, this was unheard of in those days.



If it wasn’t for Doom and Quake, I probably wouldn’t be working in games. When Doom was released, I started making new levels and tweaking the graphics. It was this that got me really hooked on games development. Also, you ran around shooting monsters, which as a teenager, was all I really wanted to do.
Admittedly, once the internet appeared and I started playing QuakeWorld, it very nearly killed me. It nearly killed Dave too. We escaped from the trenches at the same time, though we try not to talk about those dark days.


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  1. Good choices. I also loved Double Dragon although you could get through the whole game by using the unstoppable elbow move (at least in the arcade version).

    I liked Mario World better than Sonic the game but I also liked Sonic the character and hated Mario. Which side do I belong to? Of course since both characters started talking, I hate Sonic too and Mario even more.

    Good luck with your game. I am always up for old-school stuff with a modern twist.

  2. Toe Jam and Earl, man…I’d forgotten all about them. How big of a retrograde step was the move into side-scrolling for the sequel? The fools, the poor fools!

    And what of your oft-mentioned love of Monkey Island? (A lot* of people I know have been mentioning it on Facebook lately–they’re all like “I just beat the Swordmaster!” How well I remember it!)

    *By which I mean two.

  3. ‘Panic on Funkotron’, indeed, whatever were they thinking!?
    I was tempted to write about LucasArts adventures, but it would have ended up as a gushing great beast of a post. Also, everyone is talking about them these days, and I believe this now makes them ‘uncool’?
    Pasco: A love of both Mario and Sonic… I think this would make you a referee in the console wars? 🙂

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