Hello Portraits

Sean goes on about Mario A LOT, infact, I think Sean wants to BE Mario… So I decided to draw just that . One thing led to another, and I ended up drawing all of us as our favourite games characters.

From left to right, Sean, Me, Dave and Ryan.


If you were a games character, who would you be?

Answers to our brand spanking new forum please!

by Grant


  1. I wonder what is the 4th character ? Grim Fandango ?

  2. Yeah, it’s my attempt at merging Ryan with Manny from Grim Fandango, unfortunately he looks a bit more like a creepy little alien in a suit!

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  12. ‘s medical expenses of 22 million Nanjing oldest old Zheng Jigang just the death of two of his nanny would order a property Naoqi the disputes (Letters had to do a report). The latest news is that Zheng set three children turn to take care of his father for many years a small nanny Lu Qinfen report on the Nanjing Gulou District Court, medical fees by handling charge father royalties and balances the return of a total of 22 thousand yuan. Yesterday,hollister, the Drum Tower District Court accepted the case. Small nanny to take care of Professor Zheng Ji Zheng old became college students born in 1900, is the founder of the Chinese Nutrition, one of the pioneers of the Chinese Journal of Biochemistry,louboutin. The Zheng Laosheng two women and a child, over the years the two daughters working life overseas, and her son is settled in Beijing. 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In 2005, has always been live frugally, never squandering a penny Zheng old, also just got a set of 60-square-meter house 1 million transferred to the Lu Qinfen to return her over the years concern and help of their own life and work. One old and one small two nannies, many years as one day to the care of two elderly people, Zheng old three children also made to feel gratitude. The two nannies contention estate annoyed Zheng old children on July 29 this year, highly respected in the academic community, Zheng old died,abercrombie france, three children are back to Nanjing cuisine old father’s funeral. 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Express reporter Tian Xueting correspondent Lizi Qing Tang Qian Related articles: the police quickly and Yu The farmers festival over a hundred exhibitors booth fee beg for meager profits Cui Zili expression slightly heavy

  13. ‘s Eve Paowang Ba. Before the Bai Zhongjie wanted arrested, his family finally see the side of April 19 — fast thing four months ago. Junior was born in Dongguan the Bai Zhongjie the father Baiyu rights, 39 years old and the third of six brothers at home. 1989, Baiyu rights south Dongguan to work, to work as a caretaker in a food enterprises,mulberry, Shatin. In June 1993,hollister, he had the first son — Bai Zhongjie. The first three months after the birth of his son,louboutin, the the white jade rights and the wife to take shifts — husband during the day and night to see the child,hollister outlet; wife working at night, during the day to see the kids. Three months later, the couple put children back home in Guizhou child care for the elderly with. In 1996, 3-year-old Bai Zhongjie, take into account the children’s education, the the white jade rights and the wife of a discussion took children received Dongguan elementary school. Son back home Baiyu rights resign, son grades have never been poor, often test the first elementary school, secondary school grades slouch, the row can be approached several unruly. But the son is very naughty,mulberry, working in Dongguan, a young age the Bai Zhongjie on old love Paochuquwan. Later, there is really no way, school teachers and even under the the “discouraging Order: your son is bad management at the school or go back to the tutor. The Baiyu rights clearly own kids love to stir up trouble, schools are afraid to assume responsibility, there is no way, had to reclaim the children to bring their own. This situation continued for some time, and have to work to earn money to feed their families and take care to teach children to take care of both is hard to fight outside the migrant workers, the last the white jade right to give up the salary Dongguan fairly good job, a person in 2000, returned to his home in Guizhou. Internet addiction a few months to stay away from home the following years, and the Bai Zhongjie continue to elementary school, junior high school, high school. The white jade rights in the county to do the doors and windows job. Because his starters, so more and more people looking for him to do the doors and windows, he also increasingly busy, so that the son fell in love with when Paowang Ba, he said that is not clear. The reading the Bai Zhongjie In Fort Middle School in the town, gold Baoxiang several Internet cafes, where the place is of Bai Zhongjie often patronize. Internet, mainly to play games. School computer, but let installed the game, so he went to Internet cafes. “Said Baiyu rights. The Bai Zhongjie Paowang Ba addiction, to the point of sleepless nights, even a weekend simply Beiqishubao went straight to the cafe, did not come home all night. The white jade rights does not want to understand, his son was possessed by the devil in this way! An angry, will mercilessly on the Bai Zhongjie slapping, the Bai Zhongjie virtually never talk back, even every good attitude to admit,hollister france. However, all lies. Each “humbly” Listen to Your Father exhorted,バーバリー 財布, Bai Zhongjie persisted in its own even plays a game of “hide and seek” with his father, from time to time to transform Internet cafes. Once, Bai Zhongjie series disappeared more than 10 days later a friend of the white jade rights, brought back to their own homes, and to notify the white jade rights to take his son. Until the the white jade rights frantically rushed to a friend’s house on a motorcycle, Bai Zhongjie already secretly slipped away Baiyu rights angry straight stamping. The son did not want to study, the the white jade right to want to teach to do the doors and windows of the craft to his son, he often Bai Zhongjie said good-naturedly: “My son,ポロラルフローレン, the parents can not support you all your life, you follow me dry work to craft a lifetime will not be lost ! “But, Bai Zhongjie worked for three months and not want to do, and still ran out to talk to some dubious mix. He is emboldened, days, ten days, twenty days. New Year’s Eve in a year, the the Bai Zhongjie home not back, Baiyu the right to find a whole village, township and county for more than 10 days, and finally an Internet cafe in the county to find the son, when is the New Year’s first month 22. 3 days lighting 100 yuan bill three years ago, because of emotional problems, Baiyu right, and his wife divorced,abercrombie, each with a son, Baiyu rights with Bai Zhongjie. When the Bai Zhongjie on high school,abercrombie, to facilitate communication, Baiyu rights to buy him a cell phone, but with only three days wiped out a 100 yuan bill. The white jade rights with rage, the confiscation of the phone. Bai Zhongjie spend money badly. In the “disappearance” of four months, Bai Zhongjie only a telephone to call home, his mother asked him where he said to go to Shenzhen from Hunan by train, the mother does not believe; Subsequently, the phone suddenly emerge Bai Zhongjie A “friend” says: aunt, your son told me borrow 1,600 yuan know his own son out of such a big thing … until last week, the police investigation, the family home to the white jade rights talent. Hear the son murder wanted the news, his mother cried for a night, eyes crying swollen. Childhood love his uncle unbearable pain suddenly fainted. “My son,hollister, how will this, I can not imagine how. The white jade rights Nanfang Daily reporter said,” I think I’ve tried to do the father’s responsibility,abercrombie france, it tastes very upset, I could not lift their heads. “whistle village sheep full Yao village head’s eyes, Bai Zhongjie is a very obedient child, people behaved very obey their parents, but also polite, met the people will say hello. “He must go out bad, so we have become.” Nanfang Daily reporter HONG Yi Yi Rongming Chang Related articles: ‘s hair from behind a 2 feet long knife to her neck many victims report. Henan Province focusing consider repair damaged social relationships

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  17. and four witnesses were hotel employees and hotel there is a certain amount of interest,hollister outlet. At the hotel can not provide the evidence confirms the case,ラルフローレン, the court can not be found Liu serious disciplinary offense,hollister, labor relations should be restored,hollister, still in the duration of the illness,louboutin, the hotel should be paid in accordance with the sick pay in view of Liu made the above judgment,abercrombie. Related articles: The seventy elderly street onset fainted 20 minutes nobody R Sanitation workers live upstairs living environmen Young men posing as police to inspect the hostel c

  18. ‘s sister named Ma drove the bride’s mother,ポロラルフローレン, brother returned to his home in Inner Mongolia, on the way due to driver fatigue, named Ma car rear-end of the vehicle in front, the bride mother, brother,mulberry, died on the spot. Named Ma also killed in the accident, the bride Lee, the father-in-law, mother-in-law and her husband and children Guzi together taken to court, seeking compensation for the loss of 170 million yuan. More than 10 points on the evening of September 13 last year, the bride Lee and her husband after finishing the wedding, the groom’s sister, named Ma driving Lee’s mother, brother returned to his home in Inner Mongolia. Named Ma fatigue driving, the vehicle hit the end of the drive in front of the trailer, resulting in a small car,ラルフローレン, four people were killed, Lee’s mother and brother were killed in a car accident. Lee believes that, because of the great aunt named Ma fatigue driving,louboutin, causing the accident. Named Ma also among the killed in the accident, named Ma’s husband and two children, the parents of the named Ma, that is, the groom’s parents should accept responsibility,hollister. She asked the five defendants compensation for death, the spirit of solatium, funeral expenses, dependents living expenses,hollister outlet, travel expenses, loss of fees the loss of 170 million yuan. After the incident,louboutin, the Miyun County Public Security Bureau Traffic brigade scene investigation, investigation, inspection and appraisal analysis that: named Ma driving a mini-van traveling from east to west is not to ensure safety is the main cause of the accident,hollister; the big trailer driver Zhao driving overload of motor vehicles on the road traveling below the prescribed minimum speed, the secondary cause of the accident. Determining that the named Ma bear the primary responsibility for the accident, Zhao bear secondary responsibility of the accident. Lee bride and groom family court hearing the case, the respondent. Named Ma’s family, said in an accident, named Ma has been killed, they are also victims, and named Ma has said that he is fatigue driving, the bride’s family can not be sent back to Inner Mongolia,abercrombie, Lee’s family hard requirements. Moreover,mulberry outlet, they are the legal heirs of the named Ma,mulberry, but to the economic losses caused by Lee, named Ma’s personal debt, liability should not be borne by them. Court, while undergoing this loved ones were killed in the tragic accident, but both emotions are relatively calm and restraint. Named Ma family economic compensation, Lee also revealed that he sued her husband’s family is upset, in fact, is a judgment by the court as soon as possible in order to go through the insurance company’s claims process, be compensated. Court held that,louboutin pas cher, beyond the part to pay high insurance compensation limit the by large trailer drivers Zhao belongs a company responsible for compensation; named Ma’s five legal heirs should inherit a share of the estate of the named Ma compensation responsibility. Final judgment in addition to the burden on the insurance companies to pay high insurance, the compensation of the five defendants in the share of the estate of inheritance named Ma Lee loss of 88 million yuan, a compensation for the loss of 22 million yuan. Related articles: Zhang Shaogang response not the pursuit of enterta Man flying poker speed comparable to one minute of high-spee Primary and secondary school around the corner on behalf of homework business fi

  19. ‘clock, College Road and South Lake Road intersection Jinsheng cloth market, a facade owners Miss Hou open facade, was surprised to find, own nearly 20 square meters the facade actually collapse more than six meters deep. Next to the other facade cracks and sinking. The facade collapsed Changsha Jinsheng cloth Goes to Market 17 10 cloth shop storefront “Yili Lai,mulberry outlet. Shopkeeper Miss Hou said: “In the morning,abercrombie, as I opened the door to go to the store and found the floor the whole is a mass of black,ポロラルフローレン, a view called uncle next door, found a big hole.” The ground subsidence range of more than 10 square meters, about six seven meters deep, dark pit, you can see the original placed in the ground, appliances and furniture. The entire facade was filled with a strong pungent smell of kerosene. Around owners about the collapse occurred, a woman surnamed Li by going to View, unexpectedly fell into the pit,バーバリー, firefighters rushed to the scene to rescue the woman up,バーバリー 財布, but fortunately did not cause illness. In addition to the 10th facade collapse of a large area,abercrombie france, next door to two the facade also suffered varying degrees of problems. “The wall facade can already see the obvious cracks inside underground actually empty, but there was no collapse down only.” Next door to a landlord,hollister outlet, pointing to the wide cracks of its own facade wall,hollister, said worries. After the incident, Jinsheng cloth industry, market management and responsible person immediately rushed to the scene immediately in view of the collapse site,abercrombie, the masses of the the three facade owners and around evacuation, the collapse of the facade has been closed. The owners have speculated that the construction project is a commercial plaza off the facade of less than one meter under the eaves, collapse is very likely hollowing out underground base construction led to the soil. Yesterday, the construction side of the survey and staff rushed to the scene,mulberry outlet. For the accident, the construction side denied because the construction reasons led to the collapse, “our red line within before filling with concrete dead,hollister, the water can not flow to the market side, there may be market internal drainage not smooth. survey and technical staff of the construction side, stormwater some time ago, and the old city underground pipe network, are likely to cause ground subsidence. At present, the construction side and the street has been invited for technical experts of the collapse of the ground for further investigation, the cause of the accident is under investigation. Construction side,hollister, said first backfill vacant basement. Related articles: Man allegedly as a result of her father gambled away the property armed with a knife and hacked to death in the life The couple established Acrobatic Troupe rent children entertainer begging forcing the children to eat large Man doomsday dating Nvwang drink will rape the wor

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  21. Related articles: ‘s Court on the 29th the Final Appeal hospital support Liu claims are first used to say say more than a dozen names of friends and relatives ‘an, March 4 (Reporter Xing Zhibin correspondent Liu Ling) Ningyang Lumou dissatisfaction of land compensation, abusive,abercrombie outlet, defamatory co-workers, causing adverse effects on the Internet,mulberry outlet. 4, Lumou for insulting others,louboutin pas cher, police summoned administrative detention for seven days,hollister. March 1,hollister outlet, ningyang Mr. Wang to the Temple police station report said, was posting in the forum of the Post Bar and internal units, many insults and defamation, had an adverse impact on him. The police criminal investigation after the 3rd offense suspects Lumou arrested,louboutin. Original, Lumou contracting Ningyang a unit of a piece of land in rural areas, since last May, he has not continued to pay the land contract fee, the unit will unilaterally terminate the contract and also clean up the trees,hollister france. Mr. Wang is handling the matter on behalf of a unit,mulberry, pay to Lumou more than ten million compensation,louboutin pas cher. Lumou very disappointed and bitter. During working hours, he registered more than one screen name posting abusive Mr. Wang,abercrombie france. Police remind the public Internet posting must comply with the facts and state laws and fair, to reflect the demands of justice,abercrombie, to comment on the incident itself,hogan, not personal attacks against individuals.

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  32. ‘s car accident on the road seriously injured yesterday, 9-year-old Peas (a pseudonym) winked, and finally from the shadow of the kidnapped slow over. But he did not know in order to save his own mother on the way to send the ransom they unexpectedly encountered a serious car accident, has a deep coma. The way to school kidnapped my son was kidnapped, and other requirements to $ 500,000 to put ,ナイキ ジョーダン… “at 4:40 p.m,abercrombie. on March 23rd Xu, Liu Yueqing City Public Security Bureau received the alarm call of a man. The man surnamed Chen, Liu Lei blocking village in the local office of a business, his son 9-year-old sophomore, a primary school in Liushi Town, Sha Ao village. The Yueqing Police attach great importance to immediately set up a task force to start the investigation. It is understood that Mr. Chen usually good man, contradictions and disputes and others,ナイキ シューズ. Police analysis, the kidnappers in advance there must be premeditated, and multiplayer modus. Send ransom in a car accident 11 o’clock that night, the kidnappers threatened Mr. Chen to pay. The police decided to first pay a portion of the cash to stabilize the kidnappers,louboutin pas cher,Million in cash man feeling frustrated and throw in the squa, to ensure the safety of the child’s life, and then wait for an opportunity to catch. After a series of telephone negotiations, the ransom to 11 million, but the criminals Mr. Chen personally deliver the ransom to Yueqing music into the next day 2:20 Xu,. When Mr. Chen and his wife rushed to the music into the cunning criminals have asked for the money sent to Yueqing white elephant somewhere. According to the police, he and his wife quickly drove to the white elephant, via upstream of State Road 104 Willow City Village crossroads, and a from Yueqing Beibaixiang bound car collided. Mr. Chen’s wife flying out of the car, and head injury. “We’re out on the road in a car accident,abercrombie france, please do not hurt the child, we will drive past.” Quietly with Mr. Chen and his wife behind Willow City Public Security Bureau deputy director Chen Jie side contact with the kidnappers on behalf of the families, while Mr. Chen one to the hospital. Subsequently,mulberry outlet, Mr. Chen’s brother ransom sent to the designated place of the white elephant,ジョーダン. “The hospital has declared brain-dead sister-in-law.” On the afternoon of March 26, his brother, said his brother was also injured in the hospital. Kidnappers are the same village at 2 o’clock on March 24, they received more than when Mr. Chen’s brother had just 11 million ransom to the Liushi Town Lake Village Vanguard Middle School near bridge the kidnappers phone, called nephew The Baishi Reservoir Dam, let it quickly went to rescue the. Two hours later, the kidnappers called again, said Chen is actually on the bridge near Lake Village Vanguard School. 4:41 Xu,mulberry outlet, police found Chen in Liushi Town Lake Village Vanguard secondary school near the bridge, he is safe. On the afternoon of March 24, the main suspects Chen A with a ransom was arrested in Yueqing Lecheng Town Street shopping. Subsequently, the police also arrested in Liu Yueqing City, Landgent kidnappers Chen B,louboutin, Chen C, Chen Ding trio and seized more than 10 million of stolen money. According to the police, the four kidnappers Liushi town living in the village, and the victims of the same village,グッチ バッグ. Where A Chen and Mr,The fishing village Majority production of adulterated sea in sugar weight gain. Chen was a neighbor. Under questioning, due to lack of money, the suspect think Mr. Chen set up factories at home, should be more money,British man suffering from a brain tumor three years hiccup 20,000,000 times (Fi, they planned the kidnapping. Incident 3 o’clock that afternoon, Chen Yi and Chen Ding driving a motorcycle, the way home from school in the Chen implementation of the kidnapping,hollister. Subsequently, Chen A call to Mr,hollister france. Chen, a ransom of 500,000 yuan.

  33. ‘s the canteen selling breakfast of speed is slower than in the past a lot, we came a long team before buy almost late.” The canteen within one chef told the South China Sea Network reporter, this morning,バーバリー 財布, the canteen waiter disgruntled does not work is true, cooks all the window to sell breakfast cope,abercrombie. Students and staff shortage, long queuing time is also a normal thing. According to canteen attendant reflect, they disgruntled do not want to go to work because the unit to buy a mandatory social security,abercrombie france, many attendants do not want to. They believe that job mobility, work in this place this year,ポロラルフローレン, maybe next year would not be in this work. Buy social security,hollister outlet, wages also less, and they certainly do not want. Unit said that from the beginning of October, a month to buy the social security money deducted from the wages since October, November’s wages have not, specifically because buy the deduction of social security how much money we do not know,louboutin. “An attendant said,バーバリー. According to the school food service,mulberry outlet, deputy director of Chen,mulberry, canteens Total 1967 10 employees since last year, the new “Labor Law”,abercrombie france, the school canteen actively persuading employees to buy social security, almost all of the waitresses do not agree, so far only The dozen employees Participation buy social security. “Do not buy the social security violation of the provisions of the” Labor Law “buy social security employees do not understand, disgruntled school is also very difficult.” He says with exasperation,hollister france. Chen said the canteen staff social security is paid strictly in accordance with the requirements of the labor law, and proportional representation in nearly 30% of employees subject to social insurance, employees only need to pay 10%. Chen stressed that the order not to affect the students’ eating, the school decided to temporarily withheld employee social security, the principle of voluntary payment does not pay social security,abercrombie. Related articles: Man 21 years when the girl upbringing surgery recovery Gender ( British girl suffering from a rare strange disease sleep to Has to support the 24-year run by village women with disabilities kindergarten n

  34. ‘clock at night,バーバリー, the whole family, and hurry up for the Tibetan mastiff midwife,hollister france, helping busy the next morning, it is Mr,ラルフローレン. under 10. thought it raw finished, everyone’s tired, rest. “then I was so excited that I could not sleep, but also to see the dog, and found that gave birth to five, and later gave birth to three, one-child birth 18. “The milk is not enough masters to find ways to to 18 pups milk, Mr. Zhang said,” People often say, the cry of the children Naichi Tibetan mastiff is able to grab the child Naichi. The little man robbed, but brothers, so a lot of small size. The same litter gave birth to 18 pups,hollister, Tibetan mastiff mother can not take care of all the children,mulberry, so Mr,mulberry outlet. Zhang only baby milk feeding hungry dog,abercrombie, but milk only tube Bon appetit, nutrition is certainly not as good as breast milk so the same litter born brother, born when the size difference is not a month later, the weight difference nearly doubled. grew up with the puppy, the appetite is also increasing,louboutin pas cher, breast milk is definitely not enough to drink no way, he had to buy a milk bottle back with meters poured into the bottle after the pulp and milk mixed with heating give the dog to eat. super-18 Tibetan mastiff value of two million “two days before Changzhou, a Tibetan mastiff gave birth to 10 whelp, lived only nine said value of 100 million, my Tibetan mastiff litter 18 colts,abercrombie, and all live,abercrombie france, not to the value of two million “Yesterday, the public Zhang on their own 18 Tibetan mastiff smiling from ear to ear,hollister, out of their own home a hero Tibetan mastiff mother gave birth to 18 pups, 2-year-old female Tibetan Mastiff litter of not only pleased Mr,louboutin. Zhang, nearly a month throughout the of Gaochun County in Nanba small the Maoshan village of villagers are happy to talk “Heroes Tibetan mastiff mother.: Lu Bin / Source: Nanjing Morning News Related articles: The United States the Granny at least hundred years old is s Female students broadcast reading pornographic nov International Criminal Police Organization Please Internet u

  35. ‘s. Mid-March this year in the case of the Xiaoshan silver Long Department Store was typical. Zhu Qing (a pseudonym) was born in 1985, the child was born just three months, she is in lactation,louboutin. A clothing counters in department stores, associates to divert the attention of the salesperson, another pregnant woman quietly take away a woman customer’s bag, put it in a carry bag, and then transferred to Zhu Qing. Eye contact with each other after they leave separately. Zhu Qing succeeded bundle of $ 30,000 in cash,バーバリー, as well as mobile phones, rings, necklaces, bracelets …… a total value of 90,000 yuan. Zhu Qing pregnancy and lactation, as much as 47 times by the police caught. She did not once detained are detained does not perform, or education release. Police statistics show that, since 2010, the city’s markets, supermarkets, shopping malls, and shops along the street pilfering theft of the more than 3,000. The survey shows that the vast majority of such cases suspects per capita for such women. They frequented crime, there are so few places: Evergreen major apparel market, Wulin Road, Commercial Street, the three-way digital electronics stores, East Railway Station market, Qianjiang market, North Station commodity market. Weekend, they went Car Xiaoshan, Yuhang and five counties crime. Rainy quit, on Mondays to quit, the other day, almost every day dry. Their husband Hangzhou together, these men are unemployed, the house, the income of their families to rely on his wife out of the proceeds of theft. Most of these women have three or four children, up to eight. As long as a pregnancy, as if to find a way of making money, totally disregarding the body and belly of the child, anxiously ran to crime. Fellow with a fellow partner you and me today,バーバリー 財布, tomorrow and her partner, early in the morning, they go out from Sandun near temporary accommodation, get on the bus began to work towards all destinations,abercrombie france. Currently, the review of the police is underway. The data now, “Tatu broken” theft rings to check more than 150 cases of crime,mulberry, worth more than 150 million from 2010 to the incident. However, they commit crimes figures may be much more than that. Police appeal to encounter these women gang theft against the public timely to the the Gongshu police report to please insiders circumstances of the case, contact telephone number, contact Le police officers. In order to catch the pregnant theft gang,louboutin pas cher, the police follow-up survey found more than one month a woman gathered dens, found they often go bus lines thief trace clear up a little bit, and then is dispatched, drawing battle lines and simulation exercises. Only one purpose, to women theft,abercrombie, criminal gangs, 47 suspects are a lot of grasping in. Police handling the case said yesterday, which is the largest in the history of Hangzhou arrests, and the highest success rate. 47 suspects, one did not run away. Since last year, under the direction of the relevant departments of the Municipal Public Security Bureau, Gongshu police there is a conscious attention to the cases of this kind of mothers. March 8 this year, the task force was established. Range from the city’s point of view, such cases have made more than Gongshu Public Security Bureau Yu Weiqing, deputy director of the task force encountered too much to report to the public, so to obtain a large amount of monitoring data, the splicing of these monitoring data Then, slowly figuring out the trajectory of the action of these pregnant women and associates. Most of them lived in a rented room near Sandun, there are sporadic scattered live in Hangzhou and several other city outskirts. After the plainclothes multiple tracking an extended stay, the address of the 47 suspects are all well aware of. 47 suspects there is a connection between each other. Criminal Investigation Brigade Jiang Weiping said the captain, except Monday and rainy day, a woman to help a lot of people every morning will in Sandun demand is a collection of secondary entrance, and random combination of the car and then go to committing the crime. The Sandun seek secondary entrance is the center point of the arrest. In order to ensure the arrest, the panel prior exercise many times, in order to determine the ambush point. Went to arrest point to how long a couple of choices to escape, the panel 11 pinch table to determine and draw operational road map. The day before yesterday morning, the time is ripe, Yang Jun, Branch Secretary personally took command headquarters. 300 police early in the morning the day before yesterday received instructions, 7:00, wearing plain clothes, Shi Xiang Road,ポロラルフローレン, a City Hall collection. Subsequently, they were divided into five major groups and 17 teams, nine o’clock, one led police to the location specified ambush. The day before yesterday 10:45, the traffic police quietly seeking a secondary school near Sandun road temporarily closed to traffic. At that time, nearly 30 women involved suspects in seeking concentration of secondary entrance. 10:50 ambush point plainclothes police received a walkie-talkie command: start action. Secondary entrance a car, plainclothes police quickly come runnin ‘from all directions, each target control each suspect. At the same time, Xiangfu town government and Tai hole near the station, on the bus several suspects also control the car by plainclothes police. There are a few slip through the net sum bus station to get off, but when the same plainclothes. “Work”,hollister, it was a 10-year-old baby task force in handling cases surprised to find that many caught pregnant and lactating women, have three or four children, one of the largest, even eight children . However, she is still the first line of work. ” Some women worry that their child is more difficult to raise, do not want to miss this opportunity to make money, at frequent abortion. Not value life, not sparing the body, regardless of the child’s feelings …… they are, in the end is how a group of women Little sisters, this approach to the money fast these people being arrested,hollister, basically fellow with fellow out. They are more familiar with each other. Many pregnant women have said that after being arrested with a Hangzhou reason: “My little sister called me over, saying that is the way to make money fast.” Little Sisters of them mentioned, “pregnancy” This method Hangzhou crazy crime. For example, there are already 47 Zhu Qing crime criminal record, she is listening to the words of the Little Sisters was over. This 26-year-old woman, might not even know that this life experience what it means for her future life. She said, with her to join the Little Sisters have three children, her husband was originally in the home is a farmer, Hangzhou, little sisters quite a paunch stealing money to feed a large family. Zhu Qing said, began to steal her fear,hollister outlet, but also hesitant, who are not afraid of being caught ah, but little sisters said it does not matter, was caught because pregnancy will bleed. Developed later, they also learned to wear, once caught, Lai exaggeration to call down to the ground stomach pain, the police had to be sent to hospital for examination. Originally, Zhu Qing, this time after being arrested also want to install, but she was the battle of the police in this action overawed, because their side all the little sisters have been arrested, and she saw a doctor in a white coat police standing around, installed escape. Men do not work, such reared by his wife Zhu Qing said that the environment around that, once the little sister pregnant, and everybody together to persuade her quickly took the opportunity to commit crimes, do not waste this special time “way of making money.” . Those men have become accustomed to the the wife so breadwinner, did not feel any shame, and some even helped received stolen goods. The seize only a male suspect,hollister france, is to play a role received stolen goods. There are a few little sisters see if the child is bad support, and take abortion after committing the crime more than once during pregnancy, ways to deal with “trouble”. In order to earn the money, she was born in 10 years the most powerful woman in the gang of eight, is a mother of eight children. Over the past 10 years, she basically maintained the frequency of one child a year. Eight children, and some students in his hometown, and some students in Hangzhou. She also rely on even pregnant eight times pregnant, stole 10 years. Pregnant with eight children, she went to the “line” to start stealing, wait until late lactation, she is responsible for the lookout, basically no how to rest. In order to stop theft pregnancy, miscarriage, and production and physical and mental health will be constantly devastated. Province FuBao experts, many times the flow of people, not only will increase the chance of bleeding and infection, also easily lead to breast disease, pregnancy is suddenly interrupted, would disrupt the physiological function of the normal female hormone. And it is the most serious consequence will lead to lifelong infertility. And those who continue to have children, in particular, the annual production of the mother, physical and mental health is just as bad, often sickly. Serious cause some tube cancer, cervical cancer and uterine cancer. To theft endlessly pregnancy, abortion and production, is really crazy, to do so, end up hurting themselves. “The expert said. Unfortunately, this advice, they will not listen, for them, all this has become a habit. The police said that they have mastered a lot of evidence that these suspects will certainly be punished by law. Related articles: Daughter in law Home View my Bookbag Help due to the differe Two men to pay gambling debts cross-border smuggli Relocatees suspect allegedly defrauding compensation Procura

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  38. ‘s home. I do not know what time in the evening,ナイキ シューズ, Li Chu – yi do not trust alone ran back home in the mountains,ジョーダン, up the hill only to find,グッチ, more than half of the house has collapsed. A hill loosened soil stand up to heavy rain washed rolled trees washed down the house red collapsed,air jordan. Li Chu – yi a sleepless night, burst into tears at his sister’s home. Under heavy rain to 8:00 the next day it stopped. Lake Town, 24 houses collapsed,ナイキ スニーカー,The sedan crashed the guardrail cement column Zhuihe drivers abandoned the vehic, 25 houses water. The town evacuated more than 4,000 people,hollister outlet. “Most in the rain before the arrival of receipt of the notification, living in the relative’s home,abercrombie, or temporarily living in the village Ministry,mulberry outlet,90 after man to break up with in retaliation for h.” Mayor Sun Aihua said. From Lake Town to Xinshao county Huashan Road,グッチ 財布, multiple landslides blocked the honey water village a 10-meter-tall trees down on the road, smashed some of the houses. Xinshao county party secretary Wu preparing for the night went to Lake Town, organize relevant departments to repair and clear the road, until 3:00, Huashan Road just across the board to clear,air ジョーダン. Yesterday afternoon,mulberry, reporters rushed to the Lake Town, along the road a lot of farmland are still muddy water flooded. After the flood receded, the villagers quickly took a scoop bowl to the fields, poured a spoonful watering, cleaning of sediment deposited on the seedlings,mulberry outlet. Xinshao County Civil Affairs Bureau data show that at 18 o’clock on the the 14th to the 15th early in the morning, 6:30, new Shao County Pingshang,, Dah Sing 15 townships heavy rains in some areas of heavy rain,mulberry. Rainfall of 100 mm to 150 mm station 15,hollister, more than 150 millimeters station 4, the maximum rainfall of Xinxiang Millstone Station, precipitation of 184.5 mm. According to preliminary statistics, the county affected population of 31200 people, 4850 people have been evacuated,Shenzhen University minority students request principals Cim. Intern reporter Zhang Xiang Li Jia He

  39. profuse show to compete in their spring head-dress.No snow remains on the vacant pavilion and the tortuous rails,coach outlet.Upon the running stream and desolate hills descend the russet clouds.When cold prevails one can in a still dream follow the lass-blown fife.The wandering elf roweth in fragrant spring, the boat in the red stream.In a previous existence, it must sure have been of fairy form,coach factory.No doubt need 鈥榞ain arise as to its beauty differing from then.The perusal over, they spent some time in heaping, smiling the while, eulogiums upon the compositions. And they pointed at the last stanza as the best of the lot; which made it evident to Pao-yü that Pao-ch鈥檌n, albeit the youngest in years, was, on the other hand, the quickest in wits.Tai-yü and Hsiang-yün then filled up a small cup with wine and simultaneously offered their congratulations to Pao-ch鈥檌n.鈥淓ach of the three stanzas has its beauty,鈥�Pao-ch鈥檃i remarked, a smile playing round her lips. 鈥淵ou two have daily made a fool of me, and are you now going to fool her also,coach outlet online?鈥�
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  42. ‘s father to Beijing to find Greek informed clue! there must be re Xie! “also appeared on the microblogging more than a beautiful little girl’s photo. Microblogging issued, not only users hotline forwards, Jinan and public security police official microblogging even forwarding. Precisely because over the police official microblogging forwarded this microblogging forward amount to a rapid increase in the total the transponder amount on million times,mulberry. Hair microblogging users claiming to be the child’s father, Mr. Han. The same time, Mr. Han also at 16:25 on the 15th, Baidu Post Bar posting to look for her. Users of equally strong reaction in the bar, a short period of time “and construction of buildings” a hundred or more layers. Crazy microblogging forwarded baby home online also appeared this information. Whether microblogging users, paste it friends, or the baby home network users, we have to make plans to Mr. Han, looking for the child to give him recommendations. Mr. Han also constantly updated information in the bar. To find children to help Mr,louboutin pas cher. Han, the reporter called the phone of Mr,hollister. Han. The phone did not show a very anxious voice, not even when the laughter. In the face of a reporter’s inquiry, Mr. Han to reporters about a story: “I have only a high school education, a few years ago in Beijing agent a well-known brand,hollister paris, my career reached its peak in 2010,hollister, the annual income of 10 million yuan., But media exposure time so my brand in trouble because of the television exposure that products containing prohibited items, because I know this information in advance, and his wife divorced. divorce is fake divorce, in order to transfer part of the property, lest lose bankrupt. “Mr. Han said,” But, my wife and I, after divorce, they refused and I remarried when the child’s custody to the wife. Later, I struggled to get back from his ex-wife hands child custody in June 2012, I remarried, because the ex-wife has remarried, she found a wealthy southerners. remarried wife Licang,hollister outlet, before the company employees, and she told me, she would treat a child like biological child. “After marriage, I took my children came to Qingdao to work, not to open his own company, but in the company of others. May 12, I went to Texas on business, my wife took children to a large set of Licun fair may both produce unpleasant, the child wandered off. “Mr. Han said, the beginning of time, the wife may worry is stepdaughter, and it did not tell him, know the message is already January 14, 2009. “I know the news, immediately reported to the police the afternoon of May 16, the police contacted me to say they saw the surveillance video of the train station, the children on the train to go to Beijing.” Mr. Han told reporters, “I get this message after, in the evening of the 16th to take the train arrived at Beijing. I contacted his ex-wife and children previously lived kindergarten location, search for the child, but has not been found. “for the loss of a child, an alarm situation, but Mr. Han do not know, “I was in the field, what is not to know.” When a reporter said, and hope to be able to contact his family in Qingdao, he said to give reporters SMS sent me, but the reporter has not been received his message. In the end and Mr. Han’s first call,hollister, the reporter has been waiting for his message, in order to understand in more detail the case. But the message has not reached, the reporter linked to the trouble area as soon as possible in order to search for the child, the Public Security Bureau and the police station, hoping to find the associated alarm records. However, police inquiries found that on May 14, did not this child lost alarm records; Subsequently,mulberry outlet, the reporter query by 110 alarm system, alarm records not found. According to Mr. Han, the police to help him surveillance video retrieval of Qingdao Railway Station, from the video, he saw the children on the train to Beijing. Subsequently, the reporter linked to Qingdao Railway Station and the Railway Police department. “I’ve never heard of this matter, also heard someone retrieval of surveillance video.” Qingdao Railway Station is a person in charge told reporters. The reporter asked the Railway Police departments also were told “not heard of this.” The reporter’s request, a person in charge of the railway public security department specifically asked the station police station, police station, told reporters, “nobody station police station to obtain surveillance video,abercrombie. “Mr. Han told reporters that the Shandong Provincial Public Security Bureau police involved. So, the reporter decided to confirm this matter to Mr. Han. But reporter Mr. Han telephone dial again, but he said the police when reported, who reported to the police and daughter on train trips, on a train originating from where the train is a few The point of departure and other issues do not know. “I have forgotten, but I can not remember in a little book, go back and I looked to tell you.” When reporters once again expressed the hope to get his family’s phone, ask, he said, “the child’s stepmother has been sick in the hospital. “For the rest of the family phone, he said to seek the views of the family first, then send text messages to reporters. Afterward, the reporter again call his phone, he shall no longer answer. The reporter also contacted the relevant person in charge of the baby home network, asking who contact them. Relevant person in charge said that they see online information linked to Mr,mulberry outlet. Han, and subsequently sent information relevant to look for her in the online. Six doubt the child suddenly find Find the child as soon as possible to help Mr. Han, the reporter again and again call his phone, but his phone is not a busy signal, is temporarily unable to connect. 16:30, the reporter for the one cell phone to call him, connected to the phone, he said he was busy, send text messages back to the reporter. After they have received no information. In the afternoon 4 point 36 Fen reporters paste it in to see him update the information: “Do not be in my paste inside irrigation! Thank you everyone! Children finally have the message out,air jordan pas cher! Children these days on in her mother! Thank you everyone on Kinji care! did not say! I have to rush to have a look. “have to say, this is a good news. Find the news a few days, all of a sudden have a child, can be regarded as a big and good news. 17:54, he was in the bar, said thanks: “Now I know the power of the web to spread throughout the country in just one day! A the many provinces friend called to ask Yueer! Thank you! should be grateful to the Beijing Railway Bureau of × × comrades! Thanks again. “It appears that this is a perfect ending, the children finally found just the reporters and many do not understand where the call to Mr. Han, he did not answer a lot of mystery can not be untied. Mystery: who reported to the police in order to be found in the police report, the reporter contacted the Licang Public Security Bureau, but have not found the alarm records. When the reporter asked Mr. Han, who reported to the police, he said, do not know who is reported to the police, do not know by what means reported that the police do not know which police station. Mystery: do not say, when the child is lost, he is not in Qingdao, so they did not understand the details, blind to Beijing to find family Contact Mr. Han said. However, when the Contact reporter asked his family want to know the details to help him find the daughter he has not told reporters. Mystery: The police can not find out the record because Mr. Han has been unable to provide detailed information, the reporter tried to records check by police alarm, but there has been no inquiries,louboutin. The reporter then asked the Railway Police department, did not get the relevant information. Mystery: free to post but no empty then lost telephone daughter, Mr. Han has been busy, reporters hit more than a dozen phone calls, he did not answer. However, the reporter found that the Internet, by phone and in the bar made dozens of thread, some thread and even up to 50 600 words. By phone to play so many characters, and should not need a lot of time. Mystery: happiness came suddenly at 16:30 on the 17th, Mr. Han has been looking for his daughter. He also told reporters that his ex-wife frantically looking for his daughter with him. However, after a few minutes, reporters and baby home network volunteers in touch with him, but he suddenly online posting said daughter found, followed by the real mother. Mystery: 7-year-old children how to Beijing, according to Mr. Han, the 7-year-old child was found in Beijing. However, reporters were puzzled: the children themselves to Beijing by train She did not buy a ticket If you do not buy a ticket in a long journey, the entire process is a single person Text / Chart reporter Wang Lei Related articles: Wu Huilongguan dinner. In the meantime and for the Chinese music education personnel I owe her too much. “he said. “Daughter-in-law

  43. ‘s taste, a crowd of people scrape together body odor, cigarette smoke, instant noodles taste, site fast food taste together … with these taste fermented seat car, waiting for the moment of home. He said the family like a curse, one blind, and now is sit back and wait a camel await the arrival of the blind. This year, he has to catch up before the blind, and then go home again, with the corner of oblique light feeling once again hometown, but he still only buy standing tickets. He said: home for blind people is concerned, too bitter. “Cross Liu preservation of life is like being under a curse from colorful to dark gray, and he has to sit back and wait a camel waiting for the advent of” darkness “. And mother, brother, when he was 15 years old, dark, quietly struck. Blue skies of summer, he stood before the wheat fields to ask a friend: “Yeah, you want rain, we hurried to go home.” Friends hear, stunned for a moment, then laughed and said: “sunny nonsense I beg your pardon. “Liu preservation slightly heart thump loud bang, like a glass by hitting them with a hammer, a rift instant start, he said:” in front of the dark, so my world stopped, can not breathe. ” Liu preservation of this life indelible memory from the colorful, his life began to move toward the two-color world of gray and black cross. The calf running all the way, and his crazy indistinguishable consistent world more and more gray, his running while whistling loudly gasp, “bang bang, he hit the wooden door, stepped under the door with claws of the devil seems to become , suddenly caught him a head was then swollen a package. He said: “That did not have time, directly stormed to talk to my mom, mother, my eye problem.” Blind mother felt bad news finally came, long sigh, called on his being Tian Lane’s husband, walked hasty pace, go to the county,louboutin pas cher. “At that time the doctor diagnosed that your child no big thing, eye diseases, prescribe anti-inflammatory drugs like.” Liu preservation recalled. He began to adhere to medication, but he said: “drugs not see the doctor what color, just on the mouth, drink water wholeness to swallow.” The genetic as if the whole family is under a curse Liu preservation of vision begins a sharp decline, and the weather of the Northeast, only need a night, the temperature can drop below 0 ℃. “Before vision is much ah.” Zaoyang City, Hubei Province, People’s Hospital ophthalmologist ask parents is just about to open his mouth, he cut in and said: “1.5 vision.” “Oh,chaussures air jordan, that normal levels, but you now decreased vision very Quick to 0.09,0.1. “Liu preservation began to doubt the County doctor whether drugs expired,” That ate that drugs useless. “Liu preservation so tell your doctor. “Oh, you have this disease, I suspect that is a genetic disease, I suggest you go to Wuhan look.” Having heard this, Liu preservation feel terrible, they began regularity reciprocation. “Wuhan, Zaoyang Zaoyang, Wuhan,Food companies exceeded 6,000 times the total number of colo.” Eventually Affiliated Union Hospital, Tongji Medical College, Huazhong University of Science and Technology diagnosed with optic atrophy, doctors and explicitly told: “This is a familial genetic disease.” Soon, under the age of 10-year-old nephew began to blindness, followed by his younger brother, second nephew, a people shrouded in fear, he said: “Our whole family seems to be under some kind of curse,s real name exposure derailed her husband said the chores do.” mother began a day sitting in front of remembered: “God, I do what wicked things, you called our house so.” tougher and tougher, with family succession blindness, increasingly less able to come down to earth people, ” only a few thousand dollars of income, the house also cover it up. “Liu preservation say. He felt himself to be venturing out on their own, and most important, the only battles to hope that the treatment of their own eyes. “Do you know how many times I fell into the” blind ” ” He asked, I shook my head, but it seems to think it is wrong, because he could not see, and quickly said: “I do not know,” he said: “In fact, I do not know how many times his fall, in a strange city, are not familiar with, you will stumble over 20 years old, fell down and then get up, tears will be spinning in the eye socket. “Liu preservation own to travel to Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen,mulberry, Wuhan,hollister, and finally the way to Guangzhou, his last stay in Guangzhou is the treatment of optic atrophy heard the Third Affiliated Hospital of the Sun Yat-sen University in 2001. “But the doctor looked at, I’ve missed the best period of time, it is impossible to restore.” Said Liu preservation has dropped to 0.04 and 0.03, when their own vision, “from a legal sense, I officially joined the ranks of the blind. “According to the medical information, enters the optic atrophy status cure has been no possibility, but early intervention therapy,hogan outlet, you can maintain or slow down the degree of attenuation of the vision,louboutin pas cher. In order to survive, he began looking for work, also began to experience all the inconveniences of the blind. He said,louboutin, fear most is to go to the bank to open a bank account must own signature, can not press the handprint, saying,air jordan, he took out a piece of paper, do demonstration to reporters, his head slowly and low corner of oblique light want see the writing on the paper less than 5 cm, the distance from the face of the paper, a pen, and then carefully distorted and write his name: “Liu preservation Hubei Zaoyang people.” Since then, he has found a blind massage parlors do a masseur, push, take, rubbing action eat, walk outside, he has done the most action. “Massage can eat”, is the reason for his stick. Nobody wanted to find a disabled ticket window can help this year, Liu preservation out second home career in 10 years, the last home in 2002. Him to describe the spring, he said: “difficult, too difficult, really especially difficult.” He recalled in 2002 that has to go home, buy a ticket to go home, all the way hard. Live in the west door of his get up at 5:00 and 6:30 by bus to reach the Baiyun Spring Festival train temporary ticket, “the eye does not work, a look full of dark shadows.” Because they can not armed police on duty, he will need to queue up for tickets in the conventional queuing window “If armed police, I can go to people with disabilities window to buy a ticket.” “Comrades,abercrombie, I would like to ask, which is disabled window.” He recalls that when such asked with people buying tickets, “There is no one answer, no one willing to take me to go, others will jump the queue.” he said. From 6:30 to 11:30, after waiting for several hours, and still have not routed to him, “then listen to what others say, it was more than 12 points on the night before went.” He felt during Spring Festival is war, “I can not see,abercrombie, but could hear a lot of people seem to jump the queue in the fight, with the war-like, you get a ticket is victory chant, I am to noon, when not to buy morning battle regarded defeat. “back to shelter, my wife hit a phone call to inform their own defeat in a buying tickets army. He recalls, was with his wife, adding: “mainly others well-equipped, well my eyes on Meizhe, deficiencies, or failure will have a special reason.” On the evening of the same day, Liu preservation of friends with him and went to a trip ticket found an armed police on duty, and lead him to the servicemen / Disabled ticket window to buy a ticket. ■ Express reporter the Liu Zaiyu Spring Festival travel season, no one will remember you blind “when people ask me, only standing tickets, you do not, do not have no tickets.” Liu preservation so that ultimately he chose standing tickets. Liu preservation think the faint black sky could be seen a few Xubai Guang, encroaching upon the southern winter’s chill knee,hollister outlet, close-fitting pants like a wet towel to go home that day, he and the station platform carrying a paint bucket, carrying ten pounds of various items people wore sleepy breath in this cold early morning run with only one purpose, “go home”. Crowd boundless head, the station’s staff constantly sounded shrill whistle, whistle and the train steam chirp overlapping response Fortunately, there the volunteers Chanfu with him on the bus, however, he bought standing tickets the volunteers only say: “you stand here, you buy standing tickets.” although he was helping with the car, but the posture of the Spring Festival travel season, or scare him jump. Him with a weak sense of light vaguely see the seats full of dark shadows, “the eyes of a flower, how the air silhouette Fly ” He later heard that people are standing on the seat, because sitting forward to account for the space is too large, standing leg can stand a person. His hand touched the seat, also, toilet stuffed with four or five people, the doors are extra duty. In this way, the taste of shit urinated in the toilet, a large group of people get together body odor, smoke, instant noodles taste, site fast food taste … these taste mixed fermentation seat car. All the way north, farther and cold. Liu preservation home seems to have this road, in the car, he stood straight Leng Leng station later, he barely find a waste newspaper from the bag and pad on the deck of relying compartment Rotary shoulder seat sitting time, nobody will take into account that you are blind, no one will give you a seat. “he said. Blind sooner or later Liu preservation of vision has been impossible to restore and maintain the existing level of vision is his last hope. Need to eat every day to repair the nervous system drugs, but the doctor told him: “Your optic nerve is like fire charred wire, it is difficult to repair,abercrombie france.” He said, to take medicine from the sense, is a psychological comfort, “the arrival of that day waiting for the blind, like a year waiting for the eyes lose color, to the end, he added,” sit back and wait. Liu preservation fear most is the silence, “silence is the most terrible thing in the world, the mind will continue to think, think I color before the age of 15, would like my future days.” He said, doctors told him blind sooner or later, must be psychologically prepared, but the drug control will delay the arrival of that day, he felt blind, is a drag on the entire family. “I am most worried about is my son, the doctor said, his 20-year-old not blind, and should not be inherited.” Liu preservation told reporters, but chasing a “atavistic”, he felt grandson after the road will be very difficult to walk. “You say I blind can do, when older, is a burden that perhaps I should leave the world when these words, Liu preservation rarely said, but did not dare in front of their wife’s face said, “I said she was sad, so early with me,Men credit card to lend a friend was overdrafts 2 million yu, take care of my whole life, how can you allow me to go first ” Liu said he had been trying to have done a meal, meat are Chaojiao to the preservation, in the end it simply force the pot fell to the ground, “feel is waste.” January 31, with no seat “Liu preservation home. He said once his hometown before blind then oblique light, even if only black and white, and also want to “Chouchou like at home”. Impact because tickets online outlets and telephone bookings he said, for fear that he could not see anything, “you engage in that warm winter action, I heard that after the hurry to find someone to help me buy a ticket.” Liu preservation ultimately only get a home standing tickets, reimbursement when he took out the wallet, can not wait to put my face on the wallet hard to look with the eyes in the end which is the ticket, straining to turn several times took out two pieces of paper, a ticket a blank piece of paper. Along the perimeter of the paper, he and Sarkozy index finger, middle finger and ring finger, and then touch the paper size and squeezed the thickness of the paper, “this”, saying he handed a reporter a note saying: “Guangzhou – Zaoyang, 03 cars with no seat “on the ticket. The nominal price of 79.5 yuan, the reporter gave him reimbursement models, he said: “Although I know you small reimbursement models,hollister, but very warm to me.” Said Liu preservation, he did not know what to return to the community, they can only use their skills only to help others. Held in Guangzhou Games for the Disabled, he will sign up to volunteer, “to help them massage is also a Thanksgiving.” Said Liu preservation, they have seen one person, one person praised him: “Shen Canzhi not disabled”. Finish the sentence, he laughed. The moment he was waiting to go home, got home, felt very warm. “He asked reporters:” You help me find and write on the ticket to go back someday “I read it to him:” You buy, the Guangzhou to Zaoyang L328 train at 3:42 p.m. on January 31, car, 03 cars, no seat. “After listening, he nodded with satisfaction. His home preservation of the home in order to help the blind Liu, Express reporter contacted yesterday, Guangdong Province, Hubei Chamber of Commerce and the Guangzhou Railway Group and Express official microblogging, Guangdong Province, Hubei Chamber of Commerce official microblogging, mobile phone Sina official microblogging collection to send him home well-intentioned people. Guangdong Province, Hubei Chamber of Commerce, has called on the members of the New Year back to Hubei,hollister france, and drive him home. Guangzhou Railway Group also said that if he eventually could hold standing tickets on the train will be given in accordance with the relevant provisions of the special care of this disabled.

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