We’re all very excited at the moment (Dave even did a bit of wee in his pants) as we’re preparing to show the game publically for the very first time. We are very proud to be showing at the Indie Arcade at the Eurogamer Expo alongside some awesome games like Plain Sight, Eufloria (previously know as Dyson) and Time Fcuk. Apparently there’s also a bunch of other old tat at the Expo which you’re probably not interested in – Assassin’s Creed 2 and Uncharted 2, small-time stuff you probably haven’t heard of.

Everyone should come along and play Joe Danger and let us know what you think. It’s an exciting, but terrifying prospect, its first public outing – I imagine like taking your child to its first day of nursery, only completely different.

We’ll be running competitions where you can win a kiss from our very own Hairy Grant and other useless crap. Or perhaps something better like a free copy of Joe Danger and other ace Joe related prizes!

Hairy Grant

Hairy Grant

Grant may try to kiss you anyway. Beware.

So come down, play the game, meet the team – more fun than a dead clown on a rollercoaster.

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  2. Best of luck with Expos. Must be a brilliant time for you guys, with your new venture. Hope it all works out for you. I don’t know how advanced you level editor is but if you plan on making it an integral part of the game (Similar to LBP) I would suggest posting some info on http://www.lbpcentral.com about the game. I tthink the people on that site would be very interested in a game like this. Anyway, best of luck!

  3. OK, I couldn’t help myself 🙂 Just set up a thread in the forums for the LBP fans to see what they think. Follow their comments here……

  4. Thanks a million! Good to see a fellow Irishman on the site :). We’re big fans of LBP too and Media Molecule are a great bunch of guys.

  5. Hello!

    My name is Linar Fetcoolov. I am previews junior editor from Igromania
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    The reason I am writing to you is because we want to write a preview
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    Is it possible to do a Q&A session with the team and provide us with
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    We are happy to pretty much any exclusive information we can get from you!

    Please let us know if it is possible.

    Thanks in advance!

  6. I’m a HUGE fan of LBP and love trial bike games. So this appeals to me big time.
    I know wex well from LBPC and posted in his thread earlier actually.
    I live in london and been away with work down in cornwall for a couple of days, so had loads of time to read the new Edge Magazine and saw your article in there. Went on LBPC to post about it and saw Wex had beat me to it 😀

    Can’t wait to play this game and see it in action…

    Just noticed on your blog you are gonna be at the Eurogamer Expo and I’m actually going on friday 30th in London, so I’ll be sure to pop by and pester you :p

    Can’t wait to play it, see you there 🙂

  7. Well the lads at MM have thrown a ticket my way so I’ll be flying over for the Eurogamer Expo just for the day. I’ll be sure to drop in and check this out. 🙂

  8. Awesome! Looking forward to meeting you guys!

  9. Best of luck with the public showing, if ye need someone to pose as Joe i think i would be a pretty good match, maybe just a year too young and a pound overweight but i think i could pull it off, just get me a helmet as i already have the top and pants

  10. Hello chaps, I was there at Leeds today and said hi. I’m sure you had many, many folk who said hi and I’ll be lost in the crowd but I believe I was the first person to have a go in “edit mode” and asked you a bunch of silly questions and talked about games and achievements (if that helps).

    Just wanted to say that you guys (and your game!) were awesome, thanks for being so welcoming and not mocking my very (VERY!) poor Joe Danger skills. I even got a Joe Danger badge!

    Keep up the great work, it’s very inspiring to see that sheer quality coming from a 4 man British dev team. Put me down for a copy of the game, I’m looking forward to it.


  11. Hi lads,

    Very impressed with Joe Danger at Leeds yesterday, we had a brief chat and a play as well. Currently writing an article on it for Thunderboltgames.com, will tweet it to you when it’s live later today.

    Many thanks.

  12. Hello, Hello games (couldn’t help myself)

    Joe Danger was immensely funny and great to play at Leeds. I defiantly want a copy. Thanks for chatting to me I am more the wiser in the games industry and I’ve started to specialise in character modelling, I can’t wait to get started on my projects

    Thanks again,
    From Nicky

  13. Hi guys,
    just wanted to say congratulations on the game. It is looking fantastic. Loved the twitchy nature of it. Can see many hours being lost trying to beat high scores etc.

    Oh and sorry for crashing your computer, I just don’t think it could handle all the awesome tricks I was pulling off 😉

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