Welcome to the 3nd place.

Phew! Joe Danger has finally been announced, we can all relax now. Big thanks to all the people who said nice things, truly our hearts are warmed.

You can read a few hands-on impressions at:



There is also an interview up on Gamasutra here:


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Introducing our new mascot.

Imagine you’ve been baking a cake for a loved one, slaving away in the kitchen all morning. You’ve written them a love poem, carefully rendered in delicate fondant icing. Now imagine, upon presenting the cake, you realise you’ve spelt their name wrong… This is kind of how I felt after realising we’d accidently used ‘3nd’ instead of ‘3rd’. Oh well, we’re just going to have to use 3nd from now on and pretend it was all intentional.

by Grant


  1. I’m awaiting that big shiny Vimeo/YouTube HD video of Joe Danger in action. No hands-on coverage or screenshots can come close to seeing this game in motion. Hope one or more of them appear soon.

  2. In relation to your comment about making a Linux and Mac build in the Gamasutra interview, I just want to say that I for one would love a Linux version! I’m sure many other Linux gamers would too. Take a look at Caster and World of Goo for examples where Linux versions have sold well. Also check out Wolfire’s blog entry on why indie game developers should support Linux and Mac: http://blog.wolfire.com/2008/12/why-you-should-support-mac-os-x-and-linux/

  3. Bahaha…. that is amazing.

  4. Thanks guys,

    Just downloaded Joe Danger….and because of you lot, didn’t retire to bed until about 0200 this morning!! Work is going to be tough today (great game, very addictive)

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