We had a very pleasant surprise on our first day back after Christmas. Joe Danger has been nominated for two awards at the Independent Games Festival! We got nominated for the Seamus McNally Grand Prize and the award for Technical Excellence. We thought it was a windup at first, some cruel soul toying with our fragile emotions, but it’s true! We are obviously over the moon. This means we get to visit San Francisco and meet loads of other indie developers – Hurrah!


Also, we have posted a few more titbits over on our Edge blog:

Hello Games Spouse – In which David describes how he fails to juggle life and a relationship.

Robots In Disguise – I waffle on about artists, programmers and robots.

No Comment – We comment about internet comments.

Sony and Microsoft: Round One – Sean talks about three legged cats, I forget why.

Also, also: IT’S SNOWING!

by Grant


  1. joe danger looks great.
    Will it be available on the wii?
    (The XBox has the red ring of death.)

  2. Good Luck guys! Rooting for you at IGF. Video of JD looks sweet!

    Is spring still looking rosy for release ?

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