Not long ago a couple of tramps came a-knocking at our door. We tried to give them some money to help them on their way but it turned out it to be the lovely chaps from Johnny Two Shoes. JTS are (as the more astute among you may have deduced) two guys living the dream – making the games they want to make, the way they want to make them. They have a growing catalog of quality games and are just branching out to iPhone development. Go play!

Johnny Two Shoes all dressed up for a night out

Johnny Two Shoes all dressed up for a night out

We had a bit of an office gaming session where we got a sneaky play of the latest version of High Speed Chase 2 (also available on iPhone incidentally) and they had a sneaky play of Joe Danger. As you can see from their picture they don’t look like the sharpest tools in the box, but looks can be decieving. They really know their stuff and gave us some great feedback on Joe

After they took the piss out of the size of our office for a bit we took them out to show them the wonders of Guildford – that garden of unearthly delights. That is to say we went to Wagamama whereupon we all ordered exactly the same thing (71 for those in the know), and then we did some drinking.

As it happens, JTS can’t handle their booze and after assaulting a fruit machine for apparently insulting their mother they stole a police car and we haven’t heard from them since.

Good luck to you chaps. Game development on the run – now that’s innovation.

Now go play some of their games!

by Ryan


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