Tea with Hello Games

Tea is very important here at Hello Games. It is one of the pillars upon which our might is founded, along with deception, slave labour and beards. Dave was musing over the number of cups of tea we’ve consumed since we began and I thought I’d expand a little.

As he stated, we have consumed an estimated 8542 cups of tea. Coffee largely takes a back seat to tea. In fact only Dave and I drink it, and fairly rarely at that. This is nicely illustrated by the below graph, showing that we’ve consumed an estimated 27 cups of coffee compared to the 8542 cups of tea, which gives us a tea/coffee ratio of 1 : 0.00316.

Tea vs Coffee

Tea vs Coffee

I would however like to point out the effect coffee has – mainly on Dave. This is demonstrated by the below graph.


We can see that the number of sensible statements made by Dave is actually inversely proportional to the amount of coffee he has drunk. Unfortunately his volume is proportional, meaning that if he arrives in the morning having had coffee it is highly likely we will:

A)     Hear him before we see him.

B)     Not have the faintest idea what he’s talking about.

Note how ‘percentage of sense made by Dave’ never reaches 100. Equally, he is never completely silent, preferring instead to emit unusual and often disturbing noises throughout the day.

We even have a set of rules surrounding tea. The order in which we arrive in the morning dictates the size of the mug you have for the day, along with who must make the first round. The only exception to the Mug Allocation Sequence is Grant who always drinks his tea from a bowl. The one thing you can see from this is that we quite clearly spend too much time here together.

We once ran out of tea. Grant didn’t react well:

Grant with no tea

Grant with no tea

by Ryan