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Dave brings a yellow-tie to a blue-tie affair

Apparently, Video Games is a business… We were as surprised as anyone! I guess this means we need to brush up on our graph-making skills. Expect future blog posts to talk about sales projections, tax breaks and the benefits of middleware.

Luckily, it’s really not that kind of business! We found out last week that we’ve been nominated for the following 3 Develop Awards!

  • Best New Download IP
  • Best New Studio
  • Best Micro Studio

We are super happy to get nominated for these. With the four of us stuck in this room together, it’s very easy to feel invisible – News like this reminds us there’s an outside world that knows we exist!

Also, some of our indie friends have been nominated for awards too, good luck to Wonderland, Starfruit and Distractionware!

The Develop Awards take place on July 14th, we’ll no doubt post some embarrassing photos from the event.

by Grant


  1. Based on what I’ve seen so far, they’re well deserved, hope you win!

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