Joe Danger is out!

There isn’t a single day during the last two years that the four of us haven’t dreamt of this day, and here we are… We’re getting all emotional.

Joe Danger is available on the PlayStation Network Store now!


We’ve literally poured everything we have into Joe Danger. Going it alone, there have been times when it’s been rather tough, but to see people enjoying what we’ve done is the most rewarding feeling in the world. It’s why we’re so excited for the release.

To those of you who have already downloaded it, thank you so much. We’ve been having a great time watching people set insane highscores on the leaderboards. Also a huge thanks to everyone who is spreading the word about Joe Danger and telling their friends – we’re your biggest fans!

Thanks everyone!

Sean, Grant, David and Ryan

by Grant


  1. I bought it as soon as possible, did you see my high scores? My best I think was on Death Race.

  2. D/L’ed it last night. Played the first 3 races. was really great. can’t wait to play “splitscreen” tonight 🙂 thx for this great game 🙂

  3. Awesome game!

  4. Waiting for a linux port… i Need it.
    Please confirm a inux support for Joe Danger!!!!!

  5. Battled through numerous disconnections and crashes on the PlayStation Store last night (Probably caused by millions of people all trying to buy Joe Danger at the same time)

    Eventually managed to get it after best part of an hour trying.

    Well worth all the aggro.

    Great game. Well done chaps.

  6. Congratulations Guys!

    I played it last night until I started to feel the familiar pangs of “Tony Hawk’s fury” flooding through me… then I went to bed.

    …or rather…lay in bed for 8 hours chasing Gold coins in my sleep 😀

    Great stuff!

  7. bought the game when it was released and it’s so damn fun. never played a game so hard to reach all the goals. thank you so much!!

  8. I’d like a PC version, so please, if you can, port it on PC . Thanks in advance

  9. I’m with Omar500! PC version, please!!

    I notice you guys have been quiet so far about whether the game might be ported elsewhere… This may be simply due to the amazing afterglow of the game releasing on PSN (and the subsequent uber-awesome views it’s been getting). Or, maybe you’re in negotiations and keeping mum about it for now.

    I am hoping… nay, PRAYING… that it’s due to the latter!

  10. Great game guys, really hard to put away. Spent 3 hours in the morning of may day off getting a 100% combo, ended up getting 7th on global ranking. I was wondering if you guys were planning on any more Joe Danger releases, like patches, dlc, anything? If you can’t say what, can you say just if or if not, and in what timeframe?

  11. This is without doubt the best game that ive gotten from the PSN. And ive gotten ALOT lol

    Its EPICALLY good and so so funny. The control system is genius and the gameplay just a joy.

    If there was an iPhone/iPad version of this it would make a killing. And the control system would be perfectly suited to the platform as well.

    Probably never happen but I can dream 😉

  12. Love the it’s simply awsome! 🙂

  13. Out of all the games I have downloaded off the PSN (About 9) This is probably the best. For such a small group of people this game is a work of art. I wish you four the best of luck in your future projects. 😀

    Joe Danger is amazing! 😀


  14. AWESOME GAME!!! I LOVE IT, This game stopped me playing RDR!! But how do u get new things to the sandbox? I want to use the stuff in the career. Is it possible? It would be awesome!!

  15. Is there a online multiplayer part planned? I would play this wonderful game with all my clan members. 🙂

  16. Help! I’m 40% into the campaign and no additional items have unlocked in the sandbox mode. I’m not sure if any additional content will unlock at all but I’d love to be able to toss in some mouse traps and bowling pins like some of the levels have shown.

    Is there an online manual I can read for this? Any thoughts?

  17. Can u or can u not get more things to your sandbox, please hello games just answer it here in the comments!!

  18. Just heard about this yesterday as I’ve not had my PS3 on in over a week… how glad am I that I bought it… I love it..!!

    To get this for £9.99 when Modnation Racers is £40, what a bargain. I’ve not smiled so much at a game in ages. I hope there will be DLC for it.

    I could do with an online manual for it though, any chance of a PDF manual to download from this site please guys?

  19. Thanks for all the comments guys!

    @Jamie from Newcastle
    Thanks Jamie! We are considering doing something like a manual, in the mean time, feel free to pop into the forum if you get stuck! Watch this space! :-]

    Regarding props in the toolbox, you don’t unlock new props. There are a few props that we had to leave out due to various technical problems. I’m hoping we can patch some of them in at some point in the future. I assure you, we’re not holding them back for any sinister reasons 🙂

    Please pop into our forum if you have any more questions!


  20. Joe Danger is addictive fun. Looking forward to any DLC that may come out. Until then I am playing like crazy and spreading the word about how awesome Joe Danger is.

    HELLO Games. Thank you for such a great game. Keep up the good work. I’m a fan now!

  21. Hello guys, I Anton from Russia. Thank you for the excellent game. I would definitely see new levels of the game.I am not a big fan splitt sreen.But I would like to play with the second joystic with my friends. would you think if this is possible on those which principle was used in little big planet in the race. Again thank you for the game.Good luck!

  22. I love sandbox mode, but I can’t figure out how to finish my level. I don’t seem to have a “finish line” in my toolbox. Help!

  23. The fact that this the game is exclusive to PSN makes me cry salty tears of unhappiness. I tracked the game so long thinking that it would come out on PSN, XBLA and PC. Now I have to witness how I can’t play what looks like the most fun game in ages. My PS3 owning friends mock me at every turn. Please Hello games, port this game. PORT IT LIKE THERE’S NO TOMORROW!

  24. WOW… i bought Joe Danger yesterday and i have to say: It’s so amazing and so addictive.

    Thank you guys.. Greetings from Brazil.

  25. Congratulations. The game looks like fun but I will wait a while before buying it. I really hope for 360 version because I have 40 people on my friends-list there and 1 on my PSN friendslist. Not being able to compare high-scores takes some of the fun away.

  26. Hi, I’m looking at the videos and I think it’s great. I own a PS3 but we don’t have Joe Danger on the Asia / Hong Kong PSN. Will there be a release date for Joe Danger in our area? Fingers crossed…

  27. This game makes me speech-less, graphics, gameplay, and the creating abilities are amazing and is the perfect game for anyone, great job guys you really out done yourself 😀 Also good job making it for ps3 😛

  28. Thanks for the good job.

    I spent already 40 hrs on Joe Danger, and found it amazing. Very very good job. Please don’t stop and continue to deliver us such amazing things !!!

  29. Here’s hoping you release it on PC as well! 🙂

  30. Hey guys

    Did you include a credit listing in-game? I can’t find one anywhere…

  31. I love your game!
    This is also the first game my girlfriend actually likes!

    online multiplayer would be cool though!

  32. Hi! The game likes fun. When did you port to X360…? I like Live achievements more than ps3 trophies… I have more friends in xBox Live than PS Network…

  33. Please can you put more items in the sandbox!! I would really like to make levels with bowling pins, windmills, mousetraps etc. Are you going to make a second patch for Joe Danger? Anyway, I love the game; I can spend countless hours on end playing it.

  34. Where’s the Linux version?

  35. It’s a fantastic game, suitable for the whole family!

    Thanks for the excellent graphics and gameplay…

    Please, please, please can we have more objects in the sandbox!?

    I’m waiting for further releases and don’t give a hoot abot egg-box, PC or iThing versions!

    Keep up the good work!

  36. Linux port?

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