Hello hello!

Things are getting a little bit crazy now, we just got our second review. We got a 9 in Gameinformer magazine!


I hear over 3 million people read it… I really hope they didn’t use my 3nd screenshot! :-O

Our Mums will probably all buy a couple of thousand copies each to give to their friends – Gameinformer may notice a spike in their sales!

It’s all getting a bit too much, I’m going to go and lie down.

by Grant


  1. Just saw the review in the magazine.

    In case you didn’t know, it got game of the month. Highest score of any game in the magazine, and there were some pretty heavy hitters in that issue.

    Congrats, look forward to playing constantly once it comes out.

  2. Only a little longer until I get my hands on Joe Danger… digitally.

  3. Waiiit a minute. That power meter clearly looks like it goes up to 15! =)

    Congrats guys! Been following Joe ever since he hit the indie scene and it does look like a fun, beautiful game! Well deserved success…

  4. Thanks! Though I wouldn’t be as happy with a 9/15… 😀

  5. If you aint 3nd, your last says the GAF. I almost peed on myself.

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