Hello all!

We got our first ever review last night. I don’t really know what to say other than:


We are totally over the moon, we heard the review was going up at some point yesterday but had no idea whether it was going to be good or not. We had to wait until midnight to find out! It was a long looong day.

It’s really good to know that other people are enjoying playing the game as much as we do… One person anyway 😉

We hear more reviews are on the way, we will continue to not sleep until then… Tea anyone?

by Grant


  1. Thats one of the best PSN reviews EVER!

  2. I am SO gonna buy this when it’s comming to EU! Hope your guys stays on PS3! 🙂

  3. The 8th cannot come fast enough! Arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrgh!!!! Great job guys

  4. Congratulations! Can’t wait to play your game!

  5. i saw you guys at the bradford animation festival.
    so glad to see your game recieved so well.

    I’m looking forward to playing it immensely.


  6. Hello my name is William and i work for blamo games, an interactive strategy guide web site. We would love to work with you very talented individuals and make a small interactive guide for your game. I am sorry i could not find a contact email anywhere on your site but feel free to email me back at my given email, and keep up the good work!

  7. Congrats! That ‘s a legendary rating. You guys deserve it!

  8. Amazing! just one day to try your game. Best score from Daemon yet for a game at ign. Looking forward tomorrow, best luck!!

  9. 360 version now please

  10. You guys should look into adding 1080i support to Joe Danger.

    Such a fun game, it’s a shame it’s running in only 480p on my television that doesn’t support 720p.

  11. Congratulations guys , im chomping at the bit here constantly refreshing the PSN store here waiting for Sony to get your game on there !
    They are doing maintenance on the network today so have promised to release todays update early which is great for me as im not in work till 4pm . I have been posting about your game on various forums with links to IGN and Sixthaxis reviews and have got some interest from people unaware of the game .
    Being 34 now i fondly remember spending hours on Kickstart 2 on the Sinclair Speccy 48k and wonder was that game an inspiration to you as it also included a track editor and 2 player split screen (and some of the worst colour clashes ever seen on a Speccy ! ) A lot of people are saying you where inspired by Excitebike on the NES but whom had NES’s in the UK in the eighties anyway ? It was Speccy , Commodore 64 , Amstrad , BBC Micro and some poor unfortunate individuals (my cousins !) had a Tandy TRS-80 !

  12. @damien I had Kickstart 2 on the Speccy and totally loved it!! (bunsen burners rule) I was a SEGA boy, so Excitebike is an even more alien concept to me 😉

  13. Great job guys , really one of the most fun games out there at the moment.

    But please guys , I hope you can include 1080i support for the game as my

    TV doesn’t have 720p support & I’m forced to run it in 480p( I’m sure I’m not

    the only one with this problem) .

  14. Congrats on getting Incredible/10 from IGN! (:

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