It’s all a little bit much for me! Knowing people are out there playing the game is both awesome and terrifying. We’re bouncing off the walls with some of these reviews though, people seem to be really enjoying themselves!

We got a 9 from TheSixthAxis! They said some really nice things – we’re grinning like idiots… Again!

“don’t miss this one: seriously, it’s fantastic.”sixthaxis

We got 8/10 from eurogamer and a really nice review. They’ve also posted some videos of some of their attempts. Also Eurogamer Sweden gave us 9/10:

“If you like collecting things, going fast, beating times, posting scores… If you like videogames, basically, you ought to like this.”


Metacritic is a website review site run by robots, I believe they scan games with their laser eyes then assign a numerical value. It is considered the most important number in the universe – we’re currently assigned ’89’ which makes us one of the highest rated games on PSN. So if you could all just stop reviewing the game now, that’d be great 😉


by Grant


  1. Ha. I just stopped by the site to get some background info about the game, as I’m hitting my editor up to let me review Joe Danger. Everyone on NeoGAF has been raving about it, so it looked like something we should be interested in.

    Sorry, but your game has created a slight stir. Looks like more reviews are on the horizon. Who knows…maybe that metascore will go up instead of down.

    Good luck, and congratulations on your first publication,


  2. Now why would You want people stop reviewing the game. Your game is amazing, I’m glad i purchased it because its awesome. GREAT WORK ON A FANTASTIC GAME !!11!11!1!!!

  3. Just learned of your game from one of the reviews. It’s got me hooked. I plan on buying this when I get home. It will be my first PS3 game ever (currently the PS3 is only used for Blu-Ray movies). And I thought Little Big Planet would be my first game… but after so much hype, I lost interest and assumed I would be disappointed in it not living up to the hype it received.

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