The PSM3 Takeover

Don’t tell anyone. We have done something naughty.

We have infiltrated PSM3, and covered their magazine in Danger.

PSM3 is known as “The Playstation 3 magazine” and we have managed to spread our propaganda across 8 different pages (6 page feature and 2 page review). This is not just to further our own needs, but the needs of every indie.

Featured this month is a 6 page feature on indie development. As you can see when covering this topic, it’s important to draw equal attention to everyone…


There’s also a TWO page review in the magazine. We don’t know the score yet, but we’ll settle for no score less than the number of pages we’re on.

On Friday July 2nd go to your newsagents and shout “DAAAANGEEEEEER!!!”, they’ll know what you’re after.

by Sean


  1. is Joe Danger coming to Xbox360? i would like to buy the game on that platform. Thanks

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