Today we released our first patch for Joe Danger, and it was a BIG ONE!

The first thing we added was the ability to share Joe Danger levels on the Wide World Internet Web.
The second was to allow you to record replays, and upload them to youtube.

To celebrate we’ve opened up our Level Showcase. Go there now to get a special present from Hello Games – an awesome new Joe Danger level 🙂

It’s looking a bit empty in there though, isn’t it? We need to fill it up with LOTS of level, so we’re having our very first competition.

Send us your Targets Levels! Build a level with a Targets Challenge, we’ll pick the best and highlight them in our Showcase for everyone to play, in return we’ll send out some prizes.

For the top five creations, prizes include a huge life size signed banner of Joe Danger himself, custom artwork and a whole bunch of T-Shirts.


Here’s what you have to do:
• Build the most awesome Targets Level you can
• Record a video of you playing it, and upload to youtube (using our awesome new youtube support)
• Export it to a USB stick (see instruction HERE)
• Send it to us (HERE).

by Grant


  1. Looking forward to seeing how certain people get some of those ridiculous scores. thanks to this Youtube upload.
    The export/import looks to be a little clunky (no offense), very much like Unreal Tournament III was at first, but really glad it’s there – now we can share with *anyone*!
    Eventually in UT3 they were able to partner with a site to host levels for them (, and added the toption to download them in-game so hopefully something similar may turn up for Joe!
    Nice work guys, I’ll try it out tonight.

  2. The Deathbox looks ridiculous! You Masochists! Excited to try this out when I get in 🙂 Nice to not get a PS3 update that doesn’t make me mad.

    Great job guys 🙂


    PS ZOMG I want that poster!

  3. Sorry the double post but I can’t edit the last one.

    What is the deadline for the competition 🙂

  4. can an australian enter this competition?

    if not i understand 🙁

    will send a level in soon anyway

    thanks again hello games, gotta love joe danger.

  5. Nice, but please, it would be much better if we could save more than one level to the USB and import all to PS3.

  6. Alright, more Joooeeee Danger!

    I happen to have a review this week on my blog if your interested:

    Keep up the great work Hello Games is an inspiration!

  7. This sounds pretty loose ended. I guess I should start creating a level, especially since it sounds like you added new props.


  8. Hi, I would like to mention that no matter how many times I boot the game, no patch, still version 1.0.
    Could you please help me out ?

  9. I’m in the same boat Lucio. I am at version 1.0 and don’t see any new like recording your gameplay, new costumes and levels, or custom soundtracks.

  10. Awesome update !!! Thank You !!!

  11. ok so how can i update the game?? because i was playing yesterday and there´s any update yet…..

  12. I don’t see any patch either. I’m wondering why? as it been released in America?

  13. I am an Indian, we got PSN store here today, the first game i bought was yours. Fell in love with it in the first 15 sec seconds. Keep up the great work guys!.

  14. This game looks soooooo fffuuunnn!!!!!!!!. I’m really hoping you guys release it on other consoles. Wii and 360 really need this game. Thrillville-Off The Rails-stuntbike is the closest we come to this and it doesn’t hold a candle to this. Talks with other platforms is certainly in order. Make it happen guys. Keep up the good work.

  15. I love what you’ve done im also planning to be an indie developer im working on some basic concepts at the moment but with some time and practice i’ll be a pro.Also i wanted to ask did you have to buy a dev kit to make this game,how did you get it published,im working with gamemaker 8 at the moment in your opinion do you think thats a good start

  16. hello
    where can i see the topscoreboard`?
    i have crapyy internet so my ps3 cant sign in so i can list my score.
    i play stuntcourse 1, and my so far best is 637,757,400 is it high or not?

    best regards the swede

  17. ok i have now 687,882,300 after a while of playing.
    such addicted game and im a hardcoregamer and 33 years old:s heehe

    regards the swede

  18. haha now i have 1,072,152,056 but im little behind i saw now that number one have 23 billions how tha fuck…………..good game doh

    the swede thanks for the gamepleasure
    it last like a bunnrabbit on duracell

  19. farn out

  20. HELLO this game sucks

  21. hii i love this game its awesome

  22. The lane “Has he still got it” .. Check out number 2 on the global highscore list! Thats me! And im in the mood to get to the top 😀 I have spent hours on this! Thanks Hello Games!! Super game!

    Shout out from Norway!

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