OMG Joe Danger on Trial

Joe Danger is about to get a Trial version. We like demos, we don’t know why more people don’t do them. We’re about to find out.

On Trial

Reasons you might want the Joe Danger Demo:

  • You have stumbled on this website by accident, and have no idea what’s going on.
  • You saw the videos of Joe Danger, and read the reviews, but didn’t believe your eyes.
  • You are untrusting and don’t believe your friends when they tell you about Joe Danger.
  • You are like me and live off Coverdisks and freebies.

Consider this your call to arms. DOWNLOAD THE DEMO NOW.

Unless you are not in America, in which case… DOWNLOAD THE DEMO SOMETIME NEXT WEEK.

by Grant


  1. Congrats on this release, a lot of people were asking for this demo. I didn’t need it though, I knew it would be AWESOME.

    PS. My brother managed to get the last trophy the other day. He looked like he had just suffered a stroke.

  2. Thanks Kirk!

    Ah… The last trophy! You’ll have to congratulate your brother from us, that is a mighty achievement and he has our respect 😀

  3. Last week, a good friend let me use his UK address so I could finally access the Playstation Store in Bangladesh. The first thing I downloaded was Joe Danger (the full version) – and my friends and I have been hooked ever since.
    Absolutely BRILLIANT game.
    Just wanted you guys to know that you have big fans in little (not-so) old Bangladesh. Can’t wait for whatever Hello Games releases next.

  4. I played the game at the eurogamer expo in London last year.
    Can’t wait to play it for pc!!! sorry i don’t have ps3 neither x360.

  5. would have loved to have had demo on our australian store,
    but i bought it anyway after reading the reviews
    and i must say im glad i bought it this is one awesome fun game.
    thanks guys and girls from hello games finally a fun and challenging game to have many sleepless nights with.

  6. hey hey

    i already had the game but awesome job on a demo. why did you release it on launch ?

    and about that patch . . . whats the new content and what did it address (i cant find any info)

    many thanks and great game 🙂

    i love it

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