Moving Office

Hello Games have left their first offices behind. This is a scary thing. We feel naked.

We had to move though, our office was tiny and oxygen was running out.

Our room was four walls, and no windows. It was hot, and bland, but we’ll miss it. I’ve spent some of the best days of my life here and things will never be the same again. It was the belly of the whale and the walls tasted of success and sweat.

Hide and Seek never worked well at our old office...

Hide and Seek never worked well at our old office...

After the room was empty, we all just stood and looked around, remembering the day we moved in. Then Dave tried to hold my hand, which was awkward, so we left.

It turns out this is what goes into making a game:
13 monitors
7 retro consoles
6 computers
5 TVs
4 men
3 dev-kits
2 laptops
1 Microwave

Our new ebay listing...

Our new ebay listing...

Grant is drawing pictures of what our new office should look like. It has wings.

by Sean


  1. If you guys end up making an office in Australia (WA) I have a single bedroom that you guys can use as an office.

  2. Moving up are we?

  3. Heh Sean, looks like your old bedroom, except more stylish. Best of luck in the new place

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