New Characters Let Loose!

We love Joe Danger, but sometimes he gets a bit lonely. To keep him company we’re releasing some awesome new characters for Joe Danger, and each comes with their own unique style, new motorbike, crazy new moves and special collectibles. Grab a new character to show off your new skills in multiplayer, get new highscores or use them to record hilarious replay videos!


We thought it might be nice to ask the community for their suggestions for new characters and here is what they came up with (don’t blame us). Firstly we have the ghoulish, undead Knight “Sir Bonehead’, collecting Holy Grails to undo the curse of the Lady of the Lake. We’ve also got Joe wearing a Chicken suit, with egg-cellent (sorry) new special moves like “The Red Rooster” and “Cock-a-Doodle-Danger”!

The most popular suggestion by far was for a playable Monkey (of course), so say hello to “Chuckles the Chimp”, you mightn’t know his name, but maybe his Fez will be familiar (sorry).


Just for Thanksgiving we decided to let loose Joe Danger’s turkey-chomping, Native American brother “Geronim-Joe”. By far the hardest part of creating this character was deciding on the name… should he have been “Joe-ronimo”, or maybe even “Joe-ronim-joe”? I think we can all agree that “Geronim-Joe” was the best compromise. Good work everyone.

We really hope you enjoy your new characters, now go and spread the word 🙂

by Grant


  1. so awesome, i’ll die waiting for a pc version 🙁

  2. This is f-ing fantastic…i was just playing some joe danger yesturday and said to my self..”man i wish there were diffrent would bring a diffrent vibe to the game” and now this.Im very excited about this new update.Keep up the GREAT WORK..also..i hope you guys are working on something special for Xmas..i would love to be stuntin with FROSTY or SANTA 😉

  3. @SadPanda…PC…REALLY?? You gotta get with the “program” and get your self a PS3..or atleast add it to your wish list for xmas..its just a good as a Pc..i cant speak for the other system..but it too wil die waiting for a version..lmao

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