Phew! You’ve no idea how good it feels to be able to talk about Joe Danger SE coming to XBLA! We are so bad at keeping secrets… Please don’t ask us what our bank details are. Here’s a trailer that will hopefully help get you beautiful XBLA players as excited as we are!

If you look closely you’ll spot some of the new additions. For instance there’s a pink monkey. We believe this is a first for games.

by Grant


  1. Hey guys !

    Could you explain us why you’re not working with SONY too for this Special edition ?
    I bought Joe danger day one on PSN and I’m very sad…

  2. I can only agree. There’s a DLC section looking very empty on the PSN version…
    I’d gloss over it and look forward to The Movie, but with your comments on the PSN becoming little more than a glorified beta test for a better version of the original title – a version that will be unavailable to the customers that helped make your game a success in the first place – you’ve alienated a large portion of your fanbase. Let’s hope that you make enough sales on the 360 to make up for the people you’ve lost on PS3.

  3. seeing this a year after and still no news about pc, i guess its time to unfollow u guys.. i guess jd:the movie will follow the same path

  4. Why isn’t this on Steam yet? Yeah i’m looking at you, Hello Games…

  5. Just read an interview saying you would only port the game while adding new stuff and not just releasing a simple port. Combining this with the thing noone ever asked before, a possible Steam version, here we are…

    1. name: Joe Danger Ultimatum
    2. global track sharing with no size limits
    3. tf2 promo hat for preorders, also something noone ever tried before
    4. online multiplayer, that alone certainly deserves the name Ultimatum

    My post will probably be ignored, but had to take it out of me. Whatever, it’s friday, friday…

  6. Hey I too bought this game within a week of its release on PSN, I don’t care how much money MS threw your way, but hearing about this better version on another platform and not, at the very least, offering the same content on your initial fanbase, well, makes me regret buying this game.

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