Stop the Internet Presses. We’re announcing a new game!

That’s right, we’re bringing Joe Danger to Xbox LIVE Arcade, and what’s more it’ll be in a Special Edition. At long last our friends will be able to play it, and Sean’s brother. Well, they’ll download the Trial, after that we’re not sure.


Joe Danger Special Edition

Joe Danger Special Edition contains the original Joe Danger plus almost double the gameplay again, including new environments, new levels, and new characters – all created especially for Xbox players!

This has been such a hard secret to keep. A woman in the book shop asked me if I was looking for a special edition yesterday, and I started to cry. We’re just glad we can talk about things again. We promise more posts in the future.


We’re still hard at work putting the final touches to Joe Danger SE. It’s actually 5 in the morning now, and we don’t know how to get blog posts to release at a set time. I think we’ll just stay up until 9am when it gets officially announced, and click submit.

I’m just going to put some scores on the XBLA leaderboards while I wait.

by Grant


  1. Looks cool. Hope they’ll be some love for pc as well soon.

  2. And what happens with PS3 users ?

  3. I almost believed this was a PC/Steam announcement. Oh well, back to reality.

  4. It’s great that you’re bringing this content to Xbox gamers, but what about the PS3 guys who bought your product and its supporting DLC and loved every minute of it. Are we not entitled to this extra content?

    I don’t think it’s right to snub your fans to create content “especially for Xbox players”. I hope it will make its way to PSN but since it’s being published by Microsoft Studios, I wouldn’t count on it! 🙁

  5. I came here to thank you guys again for listening to our pathetic pleas. I’m so happy I’ll finally be able to play this game. It looks like the sort of games I’ve been waiting all year for to play.

    I’m not sure why PS3 players are so sad though. They’re getting an entirely NEW game! 🙂

  6. Good news !

  7. Yeah, what a lovely way to show appreciation for the people who bought and supported your game in the first place.

  8. cmon this game is meant for a steam release with a stupid tf2 promo hat, why r u doing this wrong?

  9. Awesome stuff!

    One question, though – the game runs at 60fps, and those screenshots are at 1080p with visible anti-aliasing. Seems too demanding for a 360 – are they from a PC build?

  10. Yes, please a pc version on steam…

  11. Hi,

    I was looking for a user guide or something for the sandbox…

    I’ve got the basics but wanted more I depth info for more advanced level crations.

    Like, what is a 100% combo bonus etc. how can I set the clock for a level. I built an easy run for my 3 year old and the time runs out way too soon.

    Anyway, great game, really. Is there any guide posted anywhere?

    Thanks much, Dave G

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