Free Santa DLC!

Here at Hello Games we love Christmas. Any day of the year you can ask any of us how many sleeps it is until Christmas, and we can tell you. Today is nine sleeps ‘til Christmas.

In the spirit of Christmas, we’re giving away gifts! Our free Santa DLC turns Joe’s world into a winter wonderland, sprinkling snow and presents across the land.

It’s your job to collect the gifts on a brand new vehicle! Introducing the Christmas QuadBike! Powered by holiday cheer, this speedy, bouncy ATV will change the way you play Joe Danger Special Edition.


You’ll be able to download the Santa DLC for free from XBLA on the 21st of December, but you’ll have to be quick, Santa disappears after Christmas and so does the awesome ATV!!

by Grant


  1. I love J.D. and all, but lets not forget who brought you to the dance, PSN deserves this love before XBLA does.

  2. Again i’m very disappointed by your decision to give us PS3 users NO love. We have barely even any DLC to even buy, and now you give it away to XBOX users. This will affect me buying anymore of your games in the future. Bad call.

  3. I love Joe Danger and bought it day 1 on the PSN but the lack of love for the PS3 “playtesters” is just a bit disheartening.

  4. I bought the PSN version, but I guess I should only get your games on the 360 from now on.

  5. well, looks like you lost yourselves a customer. I paid 15 dollars on psn (day one) to beta test an exclusive xbox live arcade game? ewww. I will avoid all your games from now on. I own a ps3 and not a 360 even though i have the money to buy one and use to own one (maybe that’s why). Your sold your soul to Microsoft. enjoy

  6. game boycotted, go be a Microsoft first party studio since they need some

  7. I really dont mind that 360 and pc are getting a special edition. I mean your game deserves the attention and its hard for a small studio to be supported by one gaming system. I get that. But… it is the holidays and your alienating your ps3 fan base by not offering the dlc on the platform that launched your most profitable game. I’d be happy to even pay for it or any later dlc. Im sad I wont get to spend the holidays with joes newest misadventures. I know your done with joe and moving to new projects. I wish you all well and hope you dont forget us ps3 gamers. Happy Holidays Hello Games. PSN ID: neversawthestars

  8. I bought it on Xb360 the first day because I heard how popular it was on PSN. I was not disappointed. I was looking for a cool motorcycle game to tide me over until Trials Evolution comes out, but I got much more than I hoped for. This game is fantastic. It is easy to pick up and complete tracks, but gets really deep when you start focusing on specific stars and goals. I can’t wait to see what kind of DLC we will get through the year on 360. Thanks for bringing this to us.

  9. So far, pc gamers are getting just a rating on ESRB for a game they never saw and probably never will. On every single place that Joe Danger is mentioned, i see people asking for a pc version, but still HG needs to see if people genuinely want that. I wonder what they expect to see exactly.

    As for the entire ps3 fanbase being left out, i hope they change their minds. I don’t own the console, but my buddy does and JD is one of the very few games that we actually enjoy on his console. LBP is the other. :)

  10. Just don’t make games for PSN anymore. You’ll make twice the money on XBLA and none of the self-entitled me me me whining.

  11. Sorry for being an idiot. The two most important achievements of my life are being a XBLA fanboy and a loser 4 life, can’t help it.

  12. I have no prob with both systems having it, Hello Games just needs to realize that they are giving a huge slap in the face of the fan base that “made them”. Not a good move.

  13. So…I have to buy it in XBlive and pay again if I want all of this?
    And I suppose there’s no way we could change or validate the game license from PS3 to XBox360?
    Tsk…that really sucks…i don’t wanna pay twice,but I (and I think we all) love your game, trust you Hello Games in first place and you’re leaving us like a rusty motorbike (hehhehe….sorry…)

  14. Now I know how Joe feels straddling the edge of a shark tank. :)

    Yeah I bought this on PSN, so it feels like you took a bribe to exclude content on a game I supported and was a fan of.

    Seriously, it’s your business decision to make, but I don’t think it was the right one. There are great indie developers out there who add extra content to their game, and they do it for ALL their customers.

    So what can I say? Bye Joe. :(

  15. hello games please release the dlc again please i missed it because my computer was not working and my 360 had red lights and when i got a ew one it was gone thanks.

  16. if anybody has a santa dlc code will you please send it to me please

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