When you play Joe Danger Special Edition, you can unlock clothes for your Avatar.

In fact, you can dress your 360 Avatar as Joe Danger himself (or herself!).

We thought it would be nice to let Joe out and explore some other games on XBLA. At first he was confused, but then he started to enjoy it.

This is possibly the best video we have ever made.

by Grant


  1. Incredible. Loving the music choice too.

  2. I… I love you guys.

  3. Hey! Massive thanks for using AvaGlide in your trailer! We’re monstrously, awesomely, hugely in awe of you. Our good friend and helloer Hazel pointed it out to us. She’s a goodun.

    It’d be so awesome if you could mention which XBLIGs you used in the trailer somewhere so the others can find out that they are famous by proxy too.



  4. Great trailer guys, Joe takes on the world!

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