Some days are normal, and boring. Other days are worse, they become night, and you have more bugs to fix. Lots of days go by like that.

Then there are AMAZING days. Days like this one, when we hear that Joe Danger Special Edition has gone GOLD. These are days when we laugh, and hug each other. Days when we do a little dance, then Dave does an impersonation of Ryan, and nails it.

These are days when we sit back, and remember those nasty days of bug fixing, and smile, because they were actually fun as well – now we look back.

What does going GOLD mean? It means that we’re going to be able to release soon. It means we’ll all be on the leaderboards together soon. It means someone will be the first to unlock the Pink Monkey soon.

We don’t know when, but we know we’re staying awake until then, and you will know as soon as we do.

Let’s all remind ourselves what we’re waiting for…

by Grant



  2. looks sweet, now if only this was for pc 🙁

  3. My son, Colin (7 years old), keeps asking me for this for Christmas since you’ve had the video on Xbox Live Marketplace!! I cannot wait for this and to play it with him, so this is great news!

    Btw, HelloGames should really partner up with Disney and make a game like this with their character “Kick Buttowski” with the same concept except with skateboards, go-carts, mini-Viking Ship for Gunther, etc.

    Anyways, congratulations on going Gold!

  4. i have unlocked the pink monkey i have 16 pro medals because i am trying to get the pro medal gamer pic and my lab is 100% but i really wany to know when the joe danger 2 is coming out i alrady have msp ready to buy. I LOVE JOE DANGER AND HELLO GAMES. 🙂

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