Ok, we’re all a little bit too excited right now… But with good reason! Joe Danger Special Edition is OUT NOW on Xbox Live Arcade!
You can even start it downloading from your PC at the marketplace!

It’s 1200 points and we’re awfully proud of it.

by Grant


  1. dont say PC! arghhhh

  2. i really wish you would release the santa dlc because i really love joe danger and i was really sad to here it was gone

  3. o and when is joe danger the moie coming out really lokking foward to it i will buy all dlc for both joe danger games.

  4. You should make this game for the AppStore and if you do put in the AppStore alot of people would buy it, like me.

  5. [SPOILER ALERT] After joe danger the movie they are not making anymore joe danger games it has been confirmed by sean murry part of hello games. Hello games shoud make joe danger shirts diffrent kins and sell them at walmart because i love joe danger and all ihave of joedanger is pictures on my wall. And i would love to wear a tshirt of it so it would be remembered.///