We’ve done a few game expos now and are always amazed by how friendly gamers are. I mean real gamers, the ones who queue for an hour to get into a show, so they can queue for an hour to play a game, and they still come out smiling.


Anyone who doesn’t like games, or has become grumpy, should go to PAX and stand at a booth for a few hours. You’ll suddenly remember what it’s like to be excited.

Boston is a long way away though, and we have a bigger stand than we can manage. Then we thought “maybe there are people out there who would like to come and help us demo Joe Danger The Movie”

We’re looking for a few super fans to be our friends, and help us run some fun competitions throughout the show.

In exchange you get:
1. To become and honorary team member.
2. Free access to PAX East!
3. Behind the scenes access to Hello Games.
4. Indie Cred
5. A date with Sean (he made me add this, its optional we think)

To be eligible you have to:
A) Love Joe Danger!
B) Feel something stronger than ambivalence towards Hello Games. Hopefully the good side of ambivalence.
C) Be over 16? Maybe 18? Basically whatever age it is where people don’t mistake us for your Dad. Sean’s trying to grow a beard, so probably 21.
D) Be a ‘thoroughly nice person’.
E) You need to make your own way there!

If you are interested please pop an email to pax@hellogames.co.uk. Give us some reasons why you think you’d be good at demoing to folks and ideally prove you have some sort of experience of talking and being nice… Also! Send us a photo, proving you aren’t a robot, or an alien (or some kind of mixture). Basically try to prove you aren’t going to murder us and steal all our stuff. Or at least if you are, that you’ll demo Joe Danger well first.

Mails here pax@hellogames.co.uk!

by Grant


  1. Is this aimed at people who live out there? Is getting there a personal cost?

  2. Hey Rhys… why don’t we re-read the article… how about this.. selection “E” in the “To be eligible you have to” section. 🙂

  3. Hey Zach, I have put in my application. Though I admit I forgot to send you my pic, I can do that later, Just remembered sorry. Hope to hear from you soon.

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