We went to PAX East! We’re back now.. We don’t know what time it is, or what day it is…

We’ve got some brand new Joe Danger The Movie footage with the lovely Anthony Carboni.

Things to look out for:
Four player Same-Screen Multiplayer!
Tired Sean, now with added beard!
Dave accidentally turning off the TV half way through *slow clap*.

HUGE thanks to everyone who came to see us, we loved Boston, everyone was super friendly and loved the game!

by Grant


  1. WHEN IS THIS COMING OUT!!?? Yes, I had to do that in caps. Im that excited for this game.

  2. Frack, XBLA exclusive??? This is the worst day ever. 🙁

  3. I played this at the Gamescom and i have to say….. ITS SO AWESOME!

  4. “You can even ask us about what platforms we’re on. Maybe you’ll be surprised.”

    lol, way to troll everyone waiting for a non xbla release…

  5. If you only play games to have fun, Joe Danger came close to gaming perfection.
    With the addition of a great looking multiplayer mode, this has ten out of ten written all over it!
    These guys are right up there with Team 17, Supersonic and VooFoo when it comes to making games you can truly enjoy embarrassing your friends on over a few shandys (and all British! give yourselves a pat on the back local computer nerds).
    I hope this makes it to PS3, for the sake of all your original fans. That said I will be getting an xBox and 4 controllers for this game alone.
    PS… I hope you still have your reply from the legend that is Rolf Mr Duncan.
    He told me when I was ten I could be a great cartoonist after I, like yourself, wrote to his Cartoon Club.
    I’m an ice-cream man now, sorry Rolf.

  6. When will it be released in the Irish cinemas?

  7. XBLA is the way to go

    Thanks guys for not giving a crap about P(ira)C(y) and PS3

  8. This game is great…Super Mario meets Indiana Jones and Iron Man 🙂

  9. I was genuinely insulted when you guys said PS3 owners wouldn’t be getting the special edition content because we were nothing more than your, quote: “Beta testers”, but was likely to buy the sequel anyway. If you’re seriously going Xbox exclusive with it, then I can safely say I will no longer be supporting your studio.

    I understand wanting to make money, but don’t spit in the face of those of us who helped get you where you are now in order to do so.

  10. Don’t know what happened in the ‘back room’
    to cause these guys to turn their backs
    on Playstation players, but it really makes
    me sad.

    The ‘original’ PSN version was great fun and
    it’s just too bad they made such a decision.

  11. For the original JD, sad thing is there was some PC build for presentation or something. I remember a guy at indiegames saying he has the PC build lying in his PC.

    Well, i had hopes at least the sequel might go multiplatform for real this time. But seeing how they abandoned their original PS3 fanbase, i guess PC is totally out of the question again.

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