Joe Danger Touch!

We’re making a game for iPhone and iPad! It’s called Joe Danger Touch… and I really hope you like it.

The whole thing has been built from the ground up for touching screens with your lovely little fingers. You can swipe Joe to pop a wheelie, or flick barriers out of the way, tap to jump and hold to crouch. Waggle to fight sharks!

It’s a been a super secret spare time project for us here. Mainly it’s been me, playing about with my iPhone, together with this lovely man, Stevie Burgess. He used to work at Frontier and created LostWinds. We’re best buds and we’ve finally gotten to make something together.



Here are some Joe Danger Touch FACTS:

  • It’s like a real console game, but on your iPhone
  • It doesn’t use one of those silly virtual joystick things
  • It’s a a totally new game, with new levels, mechanics and everything


by Sean


  1. when????

  2. Hello??
    When it’s will be in the App Store?

  3. hellogames, hello! are you here? why you don’t answer to me?

  4. Nice service, guys! You can count on my 1 star on the app store when game is out.

  5. Do you have any additional info on a possible release date for the touch version? Its been quite a while since I have heard any news on this game and I’m eager to get my hands on the finished product.

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