Let’s go to Gamescom!

Did you know we’re going to Gamescom?

Neither did we!

Until about 24hrs ago that is… We’ll be driving the Hello Games Mobile to Cologne next week (16-19th) to show the very latest build of Joe Danger The Movie – It’s roadtrip time!

We’re driving a van full with the contents of our office and livings rooms from the UK to Germany. Apparently there is no speed limit on the Autobahn.

We’d love it if you’d come and say hello to us. Literally the entire of Hello Games will be there, so please don’t rob us while we’re gone.

Also, if we accidentally drive into the sea, we’ll never be able to finish the game. Maybe we haven’t thought this through… Onwards!

We’re so excited to be going though, we just have to find somewhere to sleep now.

Oh yes, if you want to find us, we’ll be in Hall 7, next to a sea of Sony and between Valve and Crytek. We’re going to look so small! We hear that Valve is showing Half Life 3, Sony is showing the PS4 and Crytek has added a crossbow to their game. We can’t wait.

by Grant