My name is Dave, and I don’t normally post on the blog.

Normally we post happy fun silly things, but I want to talk about someting serious. Post-Gamescom Stress Disorder. The last taboo of videogames.

This is a genuine thing, for the last 5 nights since I came back from Gamescom I’ve woken up with the same nightmare. I’m back at our booth, I’ve fallen asleep on the floor, I’m naked and hundreds of people are waiting to play the game.

Every time I dream there is the same noise, I wake up hearing it. Anyone who visited our booth at Gamescom will know it. Our booth was sat beside this:

WarFace Choppa

At game shows like E3, PAX etc. each booth has a strict noise limit. Nobody can blare out whatever they want… I mean that would be crazy… At Gamescom no such limit exists. Every 15 minutes the WarFace helicopter would turn on two jet engines, and the world would shimmer a bit in front of my eyes.

At one point, I was taking a break. Sat under one of our tables at Gamescom, the helicoptor starts taking off again.. then the Sony guys next door decide to try and drown it out with their own music.

This is pretty much exactly what I wake up to every night…

If you have been affected by any of the issues in this post, please contact david@hellogames.co.uk

by David

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  1. Oh dear, and I thought four days next to the Just Dance 3 booth at Eurogamer was hard enough! If I have to hear Black-Eyed Peas singing “Pump It” again I’ll scream ^^;

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