Jump, Joe, jump!

Good news! Today we released an update to Joe Danger Touch!

Last week we realised players have collected eight billion gold coins in JD Touch. If we had a dollar for every gold coin collected, that’d be like EIGHTY THOUSAND DOLLARS. No wait… Less? For the record Mum, we don’t get a dollar for each for them. Only Shigeru Miyamoto was smart enough to get that kind of deal. MIYAMOTO!

The update is going to add our most requested feature, iCloud support, so you can play on your iPhone then continue on your iPad, or vice versa. We’ve also fixed every bug reported so far, as well as made a bunch of tweaks to gameplay and such.

Do you want to see iCloud support in action? Watch this!

It’s actually taken way longer than we expected to finish this update! We got a bit excited adding a few new game mechanics, and now that has potentially become something far, far bigger. But it’s not quite ready yet. I probably shouldn’t say much more at the moment, but I’ll be in touch as soon as I can (it’s super exciting).

Also, look out later for a chance to tell us what you’d like to see in Joe Danger Touch’s next update. Engage imaginations … now! We’re super excited to find out what crazy stuff you come up with. Also a bit scared!

by Alex


  1. It doesn’t work. Just tried it from my iPhone to iPad. Had both games open just like the video and the iPad never updated. Do I need to do something in settings with iCloud?

  2. Sorry to hear you’re having problems, Andre…

    Obviously you’ve done this, but just to make totally sure first that both devices are up to date with Joe Danger 1.0.2, and that both are signed into the same Apple account.

    Next, check that your iPhone has storage for the app here:
    Settings – iCloud -storage & backup – manage storage

    You should see Joe Danger as a listed app on the manage storage screen. If it’s not there, can let us know?

    If it’s all correct you can try forcing iOS to sync again. Close the app fully on the device you want to sync to.

    On your other device, enter any level, collect a coin, pause then quit. (This triggers a save which in turn triggers iOS to sync.)

    Wait a moment and launch the app on your iPad. Moley should pop up within a short time verifying a sync has been completed.

    If anything here doesn’t happen and it still doesn’t work, can you email us at hello@hellogames.co.uk? Hope that helps 🙂

  3. Multiplayer? Please?

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