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Hello! I’m Hazel, programmer at Hello Games. Since it’s Friday afternoon, I wanted to talk about where I went the other weekend – a demoparty in Germany. Revision 2013 in Saarbrucken, in fact.

Demoparties are massive gatherings of coders, artists and musicians, who show, create and compete demo productions, which are pure and sublime feats of realtime digital art. What that breaks down as is basically four days of loud music, drinking, sitting in the dark and writing code (so, yes, I took a holiday from programming to go do some programming).

Actually, most proper programmers take interest in the demoscene, but going to a demoparty is an awesome experience. There’s a constant friendly party atmosphere, but the biggest thing is watching incredible demos with hundreds of other people and realising that this is the first time they’ve ever been shown off in public.

What were the best demos this year? I’m glad you asked! Here are my picks! 😀

Brain Control – Turtles All the Way Down (64k PC Intro)

This is awesome because it zooms from a microscopic level to a massive scale. There’s loads of variety for such a small executable – just 64k. Also, there’s a great writeup with details of how much collective work went into creating it here.

Five Faces – Fairlight & Cloudkicker (PC Demo)

This is really consistently stylish, and of course amazing from a technical perspective too. It won first in the PC demo category. REFRACTIONS PORN!

Pattern Skank by Hoffman (Tracked Music)

Demoscene isn’t just about code and visuals; here’s some nice music, which won first place in the Tracked Music category.

Smoke and Mirrors by Ghostown and Loonies (Amiga Demo)

I am not old enough to be able to tell you exactly why this is cool (Sean is but he’s too busy grumbling about the good old days of the Amiga demoscene to comment), but there’s some amazing 3D work and lighting. It got first place in the Amiga demo category!

Have a great weekend!

by Hazel


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