Call for cheaters!


Hey! We’re planning updates to Joe Danger Touch and we were wondering, could you can give us a hand?

We released the last update a couple of weeks ago but we’ve got plenty of plans for bringing more big, new stuff to the game, like a whole new daily challenge mode, new characters and more.

That’s actually coming really soon, but we’re also thinking about adding a set of cheats to the game in another update. We were chatting about the good old days of gaming in the studio the other day and talk of course turned to GoldenEye and GameSharks and the Konami Code. Oh, such great days… Then we started thinking of all kinds of silly stuff we could make Joe do, and before we knew it, it was on the slate.

We’ve got some great ideas (we think!), but we’d also love to hear what cheats you would like to see us put into the game. Think big head and mirror modes – but more than just that. We want to hear your ideas for mixing up Joe Danger Touch with crazy new things to do. In return, we’ll put the best ones in the update, and you’ll win prizes!

Joe before realising the nightmare horror of the things we're going to make him do in the new cheat mode.

Joe before realising the nightmare horror of the things we’re going to make him do in the new cheat mode.

Remember, though, the rule is, Joe Danger Touch still has to be playable! We reckon the best cheats will make you play the levels differently, or make you think about them in a different way – as well as making us all laugh.

Truth be told, we’re a bit scared about creating your cheese dreams. But this will be fantastic. Not only will we put the winning entry – or entries, if we get more than one brilliant idea – into the game but we’ll also send its inventor a T-shirt and some codes for the game to give to friends and family.

So let’s get going! To enter, send an email to with the subject “Dirty cheaters”, in which you describe the cheat you’d like to see and how it’d work. Maybe draw us a picture, too, if you think it’ll help. Make sure we have your entry by June 11, OK?

We’re really looking forward to seeing what you come up with 😀

by Alex

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  1. Not sure what you mean by “mirror modes”, but having to play the entire scene backwards (finish to start) seems like an obvious choice.

    Other ‘cheats’: unicycle (including having to balance when going over obctacles, jumping, rotating etc.), bloated (extra lag in stopping/jumping etc), iced over (skidding when turning/breaking), cannonball (fire through half the obstacles, creating MORE smaller obstacles)..

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