Friday links!

Welcome to Friday, friends! The stuff we’ve been distracted by this week has been video-heavy, but we’ll start with this excellent recipe for making a giant Kinder Egg. Choice quote: “Don’t worry it’ll be fine in the end.” That’s the promise Ryan breaks every time he cooks 🙁

Misidentifying cosplayers is a pursuit we’re planning to start at next game show we go to.

Conker’s Bad Fur Day’s developers here reveal they’re as potty-mouthed as you probably assumed they were. Some brilliant insights into a golden age, though, from people who squeezed all sorts of magic out of old hardware. Choice quote:

“All these f**kers today who complain about all they’ve got is “1080 whatever, whatever can we do’ – f**k you with big f**king brass knobs on.'”

There’s also some discussion of making 3D menus that we kinda agree with…

To break up the videos, here’s a lovely little game thing with a spider in it.

We liked this breakdown of Aliens. Sweetest Aliens ever.

Meanwhile, I’m obsessed with the Demoman in this. Seriously, I’ve had playing for four hours.

And finally, let’s end this in the most magical way, an acapella version of one of videogaming’s finest tunes, The Moon Theme from Ducktales.

by Alex


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