Friday links!

Welcome to Friday! This week we’ve been mainly gearing up for something special that we’re going to be talking about next week. We’re super excited! It’s been long in the coming… But we’ve still had time to look at stupid stuff on the internet, obviously. Like this:

Walking dog

What’s been keeping us working is this guy, though. Hazel has had him on her screen permanently for days now. Her productivity has gone through the roof.

Working man

This collection of anime backgrounds is incredible, though Ryan couldn’t resist noticing stuff like a glass that doesn’t have a shadow, the old pedant.

We’ve also stared at these videogame art coffee milk froth picture things and wished our morning brews were the same.

Then we’ve been thinking about space via this trailer, which is for a documentary called Continuum, which is about what astronauts who’ve seen Earth from space think about our planet. Super beautiful. Obviously, we’ve also been obsessed with Commander Hadfield’s tweets from the ISS. We really want to go to space.

Finally, our favourite thing on Twitter is currently Unfinished Scripts, maybe enough to inspire us to write some really bad cutscenes, maybe for that game about wizards we’ve been sitting on.

by Alex


  1. Just a heads-up, chaps, but I read via RSS and I’ve just noticed that something appears to be sneaking an otherwise hidden link to some dodgy pay-day loan company (view source on this page and search for ‘payday’) on the blog pages at the end of the first paragraph on each entry.

    Feel free to delete this comment after you’ve seen it.

    Have a great weekend anyway!

  2. Thanks, Ian! We’re looking into it…

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