A cool million!


Over and over again

Joe Danger Touch has had one million plays in the three weeks since we launched the latest update! That means someone’s been sparking it up every other second for 21 solid days!

… …

Huh. I can’t actually process that. It’s amazing! Also a bit scary, which I deal with best by making the numbers nice and abstract. According to which it seems a lot of the play is down to Joe Danger Touch’s new Daily Challenges mode, which we added with the update.

What are Daily Challenges? They add 50% more new levels to the game’s original set. We wanted to experiment with making a mode that would give you more reason to have a go every day, so we thought of making levels that would unlock each day of the week, but only if you play them. It’s like waiting for the next episode of Downton to air, except every single day. 😀

Incidentally, we were super excited to see that the upcoming PC version of Spelunky has had a similar idea – random daily adventures that you get just one chance to play and compete against your friends on, which sound really cool.

Anyway, for Joe Danger Touch’s Daily Challenge, just hit the little calendar icon on the right of the start screen and you’ll unlock the day’s level so you can play it any time. Complete every challenge for every day in the week and you’ll then unlock a whole new week of levels.

Three to go!

Three to go!

With three weeks of levels in the update, the most super-committed (and skilled) players, who started on day one and played every day, will have finished Daily Challenges mode only today, so there’s loads to do. And believe me, by the third week, we’ve made things pretty tricky 🙂

Wanna get in the action, too? Get your copy while it’s still on sale at 66% off! We don’t know yet when we’re gonna end it, but it’s gonna end real soon!

by Alex