When we’re not playing Call of Duty and Candy Crush Saga we sometimes play some of those crazy indie games you keep hearing about. Then we smoke pipes and discuss our feelings and Grant cries a little. So we’ve always got an eye out for fine-looking new games, and here are our current highlights. You may consider these as Hello Games’ Official Top Seven Most Anticipated Indie Games.



Grant is really excited about Capy Games’ new Rogue-like because, well, just look at that.

Capy Games are one of the loveliest indie devs around (look out for Super Time Force too) and Nathan Vella is one of the most handsome men in games (we hardly need to mention the handsomest). This is probably enough reason to need to get an Xbox One?


Sir, You are Being Hunted

Ryan loves the Englishness and the absurdity of the premise (robots acting like English countrymen hunting you down in a bleak English landscape as you collect pieces of a machine that will help you escape). It is being made by Big Robot, which is led by Rock Paper Shotgun‘s nice man, Jim Rossignol, who for some reason Ryan imagines is the robots’ lonely human quarry.


Owl Boy

Don’t confuse this with Old Boy! These are pixels at their finest, and it’s lovely ‘n’ old school, says Gareth, but also really fun if an old demo on its website is anything to go by. You fly around, there are 256 colours and you’re an owl. All Gareth’s favourite things!

Look out for Savant from the developers, DPadStudio, too – it’s also also nice and pixelly and is out really soon!



The guy who made Garry’s Mod is making a zombie survival game that’s a cross between DayZ and Minecraft? OK THEN. It’s in closed alpha right now and Aaron has basically spent the last few weeks trying to get a key for it instead of working.

Apparently, there have been 205,199 murders, 13,213 suicides and 251,503 zombies killed so far. It’s like Guildford on a Friday night.


Satellite Reign

Ryan’s pretty sure this doesn’t need saying out loud but keeps saying it anyway: Satellite Reign is the game we’ve all been waiting for since we finished Syndicate.

Go and fund it on Kickstarter, quick. It needs another £50,000!


The Iconoclasts

Stevie’s totally right about Konjak having a real eye for mechanics in games. Noitu Love and Legend of Princess are both amazing, so his new game is something to really look forward to.

You can download and play a couple of alpha builds on Konjak’s site – see, it’s good! Nice pixel animation too.



Maybe it’s an obvious choice, because everyone loves Bastion, but as Ryan says, we’re suckers for this kind of sci-fi.

Super quality stuff, especially the AMAZING art.

These all all so exciting, but I’m starting to worry now. What have we missed?

by Alex


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