Steam have gotten into the lucrative trading card business and we are 100% behind them. Actually, we hear that Half Life 3 will be an elaborate game of trading card snap – “I have 3 Barneys. I’ll swap you for an Alex.”

Anyway, we’ve just put Trading Cards into Joe Danger and Joe Danger 2 on Steam! Honestly, we didn’t really understand these crazy things until Ryan made 25p selling a picture of GlaDOS. Then he was totally hooked and we found him adding them into our games too.

If you’re also confused by Steam Trading Cards, they’re actually pretty simple. By simply playing Joe Danger or Joe Danger 2 you’ll earn a random collection of up to half the full set of cards. To get the rest you need to trade or buy them from other players.

Joe Danger Trading Cards! JD1 at the top, JD2 at the bottom. Collect 'em all!

Joe Danger Trading Cards! There are eight Joe Danger 2: The Movie cards (top), and  seven Joe Danger cards (bottom). Collect ’em all!

Once you have the full set, you can craft them into a badge that you can display on your Steam profile, so it looks swish.

These are the secret to a fine Steam profile.

These Joe Danger badges are the secret to a fine Steam profile

Also, you get XP for your Steam Level and other Joe Danger rewards including profile backgrounds featuring JD characters and Steam chat emoticons. OMG!

We don't know how we used to express ourselves without these emoticons.

We don’t know how we used to express ourselves without these emoticons

That’s not to mention the warm glow of dopamine and an ever-growing sense of closeness to Joe’s soft bosom. So, get ready to collect!

by Alex


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