Howdy howdy howdy! Big news today! We’ve launched Joe Danger Touch’s biggest update yet, and also its first sale!

First up, from today it’s available at 66% off the normal price. So from the game’s usual $2.99 / £1.99, it will be $0.99 / £0.69p! I think that’s a pretty amazing deal for a universal app 😀 Quick, go get it right now!

We’ve also launched a massive FREE update, which includes a whole new game mode, new levels and much more!

The major thing is a whole new mode that doubles the size of the game! It’s called Calendar Tour.

Calendar Tour!

Here’s Tuesday’s Calendar Tour level – complete each level in the week and you’ll get a new set next week!

Every day of the week, you’ll get a new level for you to tackle. Complete each level in the week and you’ll move onto a trickier set of levels next week, but be warned – they’re all pretty tough 😉

We designed Calendar Tour to give you more reason to have a quick go every day, and not only will you get levels but also, if you complete the daily challenges, you’ll win BIG coin rewards to buy extra special playable characters with!

Luckily, then, we’ve packed in five brand-new characters in the update, including a cunning ninja and fierce pirate!

Joe Danger Apache

Joe Danger Touch update 1.0.3 includes five new characters to collect!

Finally, Calendar Tour adds a new and improved Laboratory environment to test your skills in, with different colour backgrounds and all-new obstacles and props!


The Laboratory, complete with alternate background colour!

This is the biggest update we’ve made for Joe Danger Touch since its launch in January, so it’s a fantastic opportunity to pick up the game – at a really nice price! Enjoy! 😀

by David


  1. I see, so you’re trying to make the game even more addictive! 😛 Well played, sir…

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