Pocket Gamer award

This is so amazing! Pocket Gamer just nominated Joe Danger Touch as the sixth best iOS game of the past five years!

“Hello Games showed the rest of the developer community how to successfully bring a console franchise to the iPhone and iPad when it released a version of PSN title Joe Danger on the App Store,” they said 😀

We’re made up. Ryan’s told his mum and she’s crying down the phone with pride at him. Grant’s doing a jig. Sean’s just crying.

And as it happens, Shortlist has just included the game on its list of the best games to take on holiday. What a day!

Best of all, though, it’s up front of some big Joe Danger Touch news that Pocket Gamer has also reported – we’ll fill in more details here tomorrow!

by David

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  1. Congrats “Danger Joe”! That is an incredible milestone!

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