OMG, this is amazing! Joe Danger is a finalist in the Best Mobile Game category in the 2013 Golden Joystick awards!

Here’s the thing – the winner is down to a public vote! So maybe you want to put a word in for ol’ Joe?

The other finalists are pretty amazing though, including far too many Hello Games real-life chums, so we’re actually suspecting it’s actually all part of some exquisite indie torture device. Here’s the list:

XCOM: Enemy Unknown (2K Games)
Ridiculous Fishing (Vlambeer)
Super Hexagon (Terry Cavanagh)
Deus Ex: The Fall (Square Enix)
Rayman Jungle Run (Ubisoft)
Total War Battles: Shogun (Sega)
Joe Danger Touch (Hello Games)
Year Walk (Simogo)
Punch Quest (Rocketcat)

So many lovely games and people to have to choose between 🙁 Anyway, vote for us!

We’re hoping that the ceremony will be as good as that of 1989 or 2002.

You can see him enjoying it right there.

You can see him enjoying it right there.


Money and talent can't buy you stage presence.

Money and talent can’t buy you stage presence.


Just imagine Sean standing awkwardly behind Phillip Schofield, waiting for the prize and feeling guilty it hadn’t gone to Rocketcat or Terry Cavanagh or Simogo or Vlambeer or… That’s surely worth a vote?

by Ryan


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