It feels weird to be announcing something like this, but Joe Danger and Joe Danger 2 are soon going to be available in shops!

Ever since we launched the first Joe Danger, way back in 2010, our games have only been in digital stores. But I grew up hanging around (smelly) independent game shops trying to pluck up the courage to discuss The Chaos Engine with the cool kids around the counter. Actually maybe they weren’t so cool, but anyway, shops have a special something about them for me 🙂

So it makes me feel really proud to know that the PC versions of JD and JD2 are actually going to be in cases in stores around the world from sometime later this month. We’ve finally made it, mum!

It’s the result of our partnership with the amazing Base Games. The package will include both Joe Danger and Joe Danger 2 and some special extra content: a Making Of Joe Danger eBook, music from both games and some wallpapers. Bonus!

We’ll let you know when exactly they’ll be available nearer to release, as well as show off the funky cover art 😀

by Alex


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