Hey we’ve been making a new, new game! Not just that that one, but another one as well! It’s a brand new Joe Danger game. It’s for iOS. And it’s called…

Joe Danger Infinity!

And it’s going to be out really soon! Here’s what it looks like:


Stevie and I are really proud of Joe Danger Touch, which we released nearly a year ago, which it’s incredible to think about.

Touch has done so well for us, and we’re so, so proud of it. So many people have played it that it’s probably the most played Joe Danger game.

I guess Stevie always felt we had some unfinished business on iOS. It felt that Joe Danger Touch was something that had already existed on console, something that we were just bringing to iOS, but with native controls. So Stevie wanted us to do something totally new, just for iOS, where so so many people were enjoying it.

So we went back and made a Joe Danger that’s completely fresh and new.


The main thing about Infinity is that it’s huge. It’s double the size of JDT. It’s the biggest Joe Danger game we’ve made, and we’re going to be adding more and more to it.

We’ve also changed a few things. In Infinity there’s a magic gumball machine called King Gumball who holds gumballs containing toys that come alive. One of them is a little Joe Danger figure, and you don’t only play as him but a whole host of toys, pulling stunts and wheelies across kitchen tops and a games room and much more.

It’s like we’ve gone full circle to back when we were coming up with the idea for the original Joe Danger, just playing with a little toy Evel Knievel stunt cycle on the floor 🙂

The really big difference is that Joe Danger Infinity features loads of totally new vehicles. There’s cars, airplanes, even a tank and a runaway firework! It’s really silly and super fun, and they handle differently to bring in more variety.

Finally, we’ve made it more competitive than ever before. There’s a huge focus on scoring, plus also you can compare how far you and your friends have progressed!

I hope you like the look of our new baby! We’ll be following up with more news on Joe Danger Infinity in the New Year!

by Alex