Friends! Listen to this! We’ve launched Joe Danger Infinity’s first big FREE update!

I know what you’re thinking. Why are we telling you so late? Because we’re super, super busy and OMG it kind of just happened and wow.

And you’re also thinking, what have you added? Why, a whole new mode, called Daily Challenges!

Daily Challenges adds 12 new levels to JD Infinity, each unlocked on a certain day of the week to give you something fresh to play.

They’re not just any old Infinity levels though. They’re completely fresh for your little fingers to touch! Because Daily Challenges aren’t about winning medals. They’re all about SCORE.


Beat the level’s set score and you’ll win a bag of coins, and if you play every day the prize pot will steadily increase! But that’s not all – you can also compete with your friends for the top of the day’s scoreboard, before starting all over again on a new one the next day.

As a result, the levels are a bit more winding than what you’ll be used to. You’ll speed along multiple routes – can you find the path on which you can collect the biggest winnings? And can you raise your multiplier with tricks to boost it to the top of the table?

Along the way you’ll be attacking UFOs, whacking moles, collecting stars and pulling spins for the big bonuses. But avoid wiping out on all those traps! IT’S ABOUT INTENSE ACTION!

Infinity’s Daily Challenges are actually a brand new riff on a mode we added to our previous iOS Joe Danger game, Joe Danger Touch. We know that players really enjoyed it because it gave them a reason to load it up every day, and Joe Danger Infinity’s Daily Challenges are a step up: something new to spend the day perfecting.

This update is totes not the only thing we’ve been cooking up for JD Infinity. We’ve got lots more to come. We’ll let you know more when they’re ready. And super-thanks for playing!

by Sean

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