Today at E3 we’ve done something totally terrifying, something beyond anything we could have imagined ourselves doing … we showed brand new gameplay from No Man’s Sky at Sony’s E3 2014 keynote :O

What do you think? We’re completely exhausted 😀

That’s not all, though! We also launched a new No Man’s Sky website! Go take a look! You can also watch another video we made that shows a (tiny) selection of No Man’s Sky’s infinite worlds.

Thanks so much!

by Alex


  1. So will this be a PS4 exclusive or will it be on xbox one and pc? I love this game so far keep up the amazing work 🙂

  2. You guys stole the show. I’m absolutely salivating with anticipation for this game. Nothing else impressed me today except this game!

  3. No Man’s Sky looked incredible. I can’t wait to get a chance to play. Congrats on stealing the show tonight!

  4. The new trailer had serious ‘wow’ factor. Total show stopper.


  5. To me, No Man’s Sky is the most expected game ever. You guys have just exactly got the meaning and feeling of the true science fiction. This game doesn’t even need to have a main plot: I just want to roam and explore the available worlds! Thanks and congrats!

  6. I have never heard of you guys before. But after seeing how No Mans Sky is shaping up I have a feeling I’ll be hearing about you for years to come.

  7. Congratulations on the E3 presentation! the game looks incredible, can’t wait to get stuck in when it releases 😀

  8. You made me cry again.

  9. Trailer looked amazing! Great art direction, colors … Also loved the wildlife in the forest, near the shore, jumping away in packs. All feels very alive!

    so excited to play this game!

  10. My only regret is not being able to travel the Galaxy with my friends. 🙁
    But the game looks great, it will be mine !!

  11. I literally had my mouth hanging open during your trailer. This game NEEDS to be played by me. Please don’t ignore the PC gamers!

  12. Why did I have to find out about this game? WHY! Im going to be obsessed about it until it comes out.

    Flashbacks to my 10 year old self drawing spaceships on peechee folders and having vivid dreams about flying to the center of the universe.

    You guys deserve to shake up the game industry for this.

    “Hey we made a procedural universe and blew eveyone’s mind in 9 months at E3. Bonus difficulty: Our offices were flooded.”

    Whats your excuse?

    You guys are badasses. Kudos, please just release before I die.

  13. Please please do not forget those of us on PC. I NEED to have this game.

  14. i hope this will be on pc too, and that it wont take that long to appear like joe danger did!

  15. You guys did the biggest mistake ever by showing it on the E3. Now every gamer’s eyes and ears are waiting, in anticipation, for you game. As an article on kotaku is titled, you practily managed to steal the whole show, AGAIN!

    But seriously, great job recovering from the flood and managing to do so much for the E3. Best of luck for you guys and keep it up. We all have faith in you

  16. You won E3. Literally. It’s yours.

    I have never been more excited for a game.


    Well done. The world waits…

  17. I remember watching the clip of No Man’s Sky last year at E3, and while it had my interest then, this year you guys put this game at the top of my list. Sean, you nailed your speech, and it was great to hear the enthusiasm in your voice and see gameplay to back it up.
    You guys are awesome, your game looks awesome, and I can’t wait to lose myself in it. :)))

  18. *last year at VGX

  19. Hey! Cheers to the company and the new project! I was wondering if I could get a possible e-mail interview with you guys once the hype and hustle of e3 ends. I am a blogger myself, and would love to showcase ‘No Man’s Sky’. It truly proves that this is the time where anything is possible.
    Cheers guys.

  20. Seeing your game at Sony’s press confrence was astounding. Definitely buying a PS4 for this. Keep up the good work.

  21. I’m excited and confused by this title.

    I’m thinking about a game from the 80’s (possibly Elite?) that let you fly through space and then enter a planets atmosphere before landing on the surface, complete with wireframe buildings if I recall correctly. That was a great feeling, so No Man’s Sky looks like the same idea but with prettier graphics and lots going on.

    Details so far describe terrain that is created by the engine as the player interacts with it, but this raises a big realism question. Say for example I visit a planet with someone else and leave my ship there and fly off in his ship, can we return to that planet and find the terrain the same and my ship still sitting there, or is it terraformed everytime a new player lands on it? So my question I guess is, is this environment permanent after the random teraforming the first time it is visited? Don’t know if I am explaining this very well…

    Secondly and perhaps related, what is this “procedural” that is mentioned…?

    Thanks and good luck.

  22. So let me check things up…

    No postapocalyptic buildings filled with narrow brown corridors, no white rugged male marine as the player avatar, no ‘evil empire’ to vanguish or world to save, and no one tea-bag you on regular basis?

    But we rather have exploration, occasional fight, and colours and strange new worlds to explore with a spaceship?

    Where can I throw my money? And I do hope this game reaches PC too, but if it doesn’t then I am willing to buy even a console for it.

  23. Congrats guys! Wow, massive achievement for such a small team. As a volunteer dev on small team working on a mod for the Arma2/3 platform (, we appreciate your huge accomplishment!

    Great to see a combination of so many great things in one game. Open world/sandbox, procedural systems, emergent experiences/behaviour and survival gameplay all mixed in with a splash of great art/visuals and a sci-fi/space environment. Of course the one question from me… Will it be moddable? Assuming this is the Unity3D platform? Looking forward to a PC release.

    Let me know if you need deliveries of tea and biscuits down at Guildford HQ…

  24. Guys – I haven’t been this excited about a video game since… well… ever! It’s mind-boggling to think about HOW you are possibly doing this. You should be so proud of yourselves – you are destined for a life of teaching master classes on programming and game design.

    At any rate, take your time, breathe it in, and good luck to you. It’s so good to see the “little guys” conquering the “skyscrapers”

  25. Please tell me that this is a time exclusive on PS4 as I been waiting for this game ever since I read about it in a xbox magazine

  26. You guys are doing great.Like your gams and the story of your business. A great success story. I would like to invite you to the European Conference on the Future Internet in Munich. We expect the European Vice President and there will funding opportunities and VCs.

  27. I am incredibly thrilled about No Man’s Sky. The scope and sci-fi beautyscaping is shaping up to be something plucked straight from my childhood (and adulthood) dreams. A game of exploring and discovery and majestic, mysterious unknown planets, animals, objects, etc. that can only be found in fantastical sci-fi. Keep up the work! I am excited to continue learning more.

  28. I must play this game before I die. PS4 and XB1 need this game but I’m not too sure PC deserves it, the way they pirate most games. If a good lot of xbox fans don’t stop downplaying it for looking boring, I’m not sure they will deserve it either. Best of luck with your masterpiece though. I will wait patiently for my day one purchase.

  29. This game must release on PC as well – I need this game, but I need a $400 console like another hole in my head.

  30. It might be because I’m getting jaded after playing videogames for 2 decades, but I feel there are very few games I get excited for.

    This, however, looks spectacular and such a breath of fresh air! Not since the Uncharted 2 gameplay a few years ago have felt goosebumps and actually gone “Whoah!” at what I’ve seen at an E3 press conference. If the game can deliver even half of what we saw I will be all over it!

  31. Hi Alex, bravos on your e3 presentation, even if it felt you had to smoke before entering stage 🙂

    Do you believe that in a next installment of the license you guys could come up with a civilization /pupulation procedural generator?

    Is such thing even feasible in your opinion?

  32. I know it is asking a lot, but I would be extremely happy if you could make No Man’s Sky for the Xbox One too!

  33. You guys have been doing amazing work and this is my most anticipated game since I have started gaming! You guys are putting all effort into this game and it looks gorgeous! I really do hope that you share this game with the Xbox family because I will play this game non-stop! Well done so far and keep up the amazing work! I am a huge huge fan of Hello Games! 🙂

  34. This game looks great! I know ur a small development team but please bring to xbox one also. I really want to get my hands on this game but won’t be able to because it won’t come out for xbox one

  35. OMG well done with this game me and my friends are really really exited i have a question if you buy a a big ship will you be able to walk around in that ship ?

  36. May I suggest a co-op/PvP system similar to that of Dark Souls? Seems like a great fit for your concept. It does a great job of allowing the player to feel as immersed and isolated as they choose, while also offering very fun social options.

  37. Hi! Looks great so far! I hope this will be released on PC and/or Xbox One. :/

  38. I don’t think that the game will be a PS4 exclusive. On an interview with Sean, in the bottom of the screen it said that the game would come to PS4 and to PC. I can’t speak for XBOX though

  39. Sean and team well done.this is incredible and I can’t need to bring this to xbox one.let the whole world see the universe and explorer 😉 thanks and keep up the good work . X

  40. Can’t wait for it to come out it looks so fun! I hope that you put it on PC

  41. I don’t have a console!! Could you guys PLEASE make it a PC as we’ll? Great game so far.

  42. I Would like to ask about the planets atmosphere within the game. Are there any plans on creating thicker atmospheres then what’s shown. It seems relatively fast traversing from ground to space.

  43. Umm…just looked at the website and apart from the main picture, nothing. Is there supposed to be other stuff, or is it just a holding page so far?

  44. Is this just going to be ps4 or PC as well. PLEASE make it PC too.

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