**UPDATE!** This call is now closed! But keep an eye on our jobs page in case anything right for you comes up :)

Every now and then Hello Games likes to light a beacon in the sky, shout, “Assemble!” and see what happens. This is one of those times.

Hello Games is actually a super small company still, just a handful of people, but we like to make big, fun, colourful things. If that appeals and you are super-talented, then please get in touch! We like you already.

Freelance artist
This is a cool opportunity to work on a secret thing at Hello Games. It’s potentially a full time role, but we are happy for people to work offsite as its self-contained (and super exciting).

– You have an amazing portfolio of things you’ve been working on that will make our existing artists jelly (jealous)
– You like the idea of taking something from concept to completion, with your own vision
– You work really well to a brief and love feedback
– You can turn your hand to anything art-related, from concept to modelling, characters to environments. You are a swiss army artist (you don’t have to be Swiss)
– You love games

Potentially you are right now working at a large studio, and thinking “I’d love to try doing my own thing for a year” – this might be a cool opportunity for you too… be an indie, work in your pants, but you know get paid and all that.

Send us a mail to apply!

Graduate programmer!
This hopefully a nice opportunity for somebody looking for their first job in the games industry working on No Man’s Sky. You’ll be working in our studio in Guildford.

– You are the best programmer you know
– You have the best grades from a computer science or similar degree, and solid maths skills to at least A-Level, uh, level
– You have a solid understanding of C++
– You have some demos of things you’ve been working on in your spare time that are darn cool and show off your interests
– You love games

Send us a mail to apply!

Graphics/Engine Programmer
Do you love making things which are super pretty and run at silky smooth framerates? Would you like to do that on No Man’s Sky? Us too!

– You are the best programmer you know
– You have a couple of years experience of working on AAA console games
– You believe that the pursuit of sixty frames-per-second is man’s greatest endeavour
– You love games

Send us a mail to apply!

Please note!
Sorry, but we don’t take on interns or unpaid students. To apply, email us at jobs@hellogames.co.uk with the role you’re applying for in the subject line, or use the links above!

We like to remind people that we’re looking for super-talented people. We are such a small group that we often put up jobs ads and don’t hire anyone, unless we find the exact right people. We really hope you are the person.

by Sean


  1. Hello!
    Out of curiosity: What’s the timeline for the job openings? Any closing date and or preferred start date?

  2. Damn! You’re looking for programmers for No Man’s Sky? Does this mean we’ve still got to wait ages for it to be released?

  3. I’ve never made a game. I gave the money that was in my college fund to my sister so she could complete her dream of going to Santa Clara University. I wanted to goto school for video game design so that I could make the type of game No Mans Sky is going to turn out to be! II’m more then sure you won’t hire me but I wanted to share my story and how much I love your work and ambitious goal! I love what your company stands for as far as creativity. Thank you for everything you guys do and I look forward to supporting your company as a consumer for years to come! All the best, Kevin.

    P.S. Sean Murray your interview skills are incredible and you have a great poker face hahaha

  4. hire this guy ^. Kevin arena lol he’s AWSOME and speaks the truth!!! Well done guys…….Kevin :-D x

  5. Already left a job application for you guys to check out, hopefully you can get back in touch with me about any positions you may have available! Thanks.

  6. do you need a 2D artist for menus and HUD (heads up display(onscreen information))? Cause I am good at that.

  7. hire me

  8. hire me too

  9. hire me three

  10. please hire me

  11. i am good at 2d art

  12. i am not begging

  13. i am different people

  14. and these arent versions of windows

  15. see! i am essential to businusses

  16. lol now i am apple

  17. just hire me, okay?

  18. hurry up and hire me!

  19. If you need Animators, I’m there :D

  20. I would love to join a company like yourselves but I don’t have the knowledge that you are looking for :( Im good at making tea and coffee.

  21. I only have one skill when it comes to the creation and playing of video games, and that is finding and exploiting bugs and game breaking glitches. Been doing that for years on somewhere around 30+ games so far.

    That’s unfortunately not the part of creation you are on.

    Hit me up when you need what I can do. ;)

    Until than, I’ll just keep checking back with your updates.

    Good luck!

    -D. Kapwno