Sorry we’ve been quiet lately. We’ve been deep in preparation for something really special we’re going to be doing during PlayStation Experience in Las Vegas from December 6-7. We’re calling it A Night Under No Man’s Sky. Here’s Sean talking about it :)

A Night Under No Man’s Sky is going to pretty special, and not the sort of thing you usually get at game conventions. We would love for you to be there!

You can buy tickets for PlayStation Experience here.

by Alex


  1. Hello Games,

    I just wanted you all to know that I really appreciate what you are doing with No Man’s Sky. It is computationally genius, wondrously beautiful and an experience that I have been waiting for since I have been a kid. Thank you for what you do.

  2. Hello hello games
    I concur with Patrick I have dreamt of a game like this, since I was a kid since watching star trek with me dad, being able to take a ship off a planet and check out the local solar system but to actually leave that solar system and find an uncountable of others,the sheer scope of the universe to think if I’m right in thinkink that eventually nms will be compatible with project morpheus gives me shivers, thank you just thank you for doing this
    P’s me an the wife loved Joe danger

  3. Hi Hello games

    Ilove the idea of your game, its totally new and awesome.

  4. For this game genre to leap forward I want to start seeing procedural story content as well.

    I understand No Man’s Sky will likely have basic factions and trade patterns, but it needs to go WAY beyond that. I think this could be achieved in a manner similar to how the AI competes in games like Civilization. The AI factions should have specific procedurally generated: leadership hierarchies, resources, family trees, government styles, goals and motivations. The more variables you add, the more interesting the resulting emergent storylines can be when the player chooses to influence a certain faction.

    These AI factions should be constantly competing for the persitent resources around them through war, asassinations, spying, family mergers (marriage), colonial planetary expansion, tech development, and so on. They should be building cities, bridges, and pipelines which the player can either assist with or sabotage depending on your loyalties. You should be able to kidnap the king’s/president’s daughter, or a prominent official, and hold them for ransom, or deliver them to an opposing faction. You should be able to take on missions to assist or expose traitors within these factions as well. There could be multi-generational dynasties evolving in real time, which can be permenantly affected by player actions.

    Essentially, you should be able to influence the power balance within any star system you visit and witness the results in a persistent, yet ever changing political-socio-economic environment. This is the sort of emergent gameplay that will send games like No Man’s Sky from interesting to utterly groundbreaking.

  5. Don’t get me wrong – what I’ve seen of No Man’s Sky so far is brilliant and gorgeous, and I can’t wait to buy it. These are just the sort of ultimate gameplay elements I dream about seeing someday in a game universe, such as yours, which will finally and truly give players the power to make their own story.

    DLC or sequel maybe? ;)

    Keep up the good work!

  6. The gameplay looks amazing. Not so sure about the graphics though, the colours are very vivid but almost too distracting in many ways. Elite Dangerous certainly looks better but nowhere near as much fun. Also, the distance from the ground to atmosphere on the planets appears to be about 200ft!! What’s that all about?

  7. Good luck, game looks amazing, lot of competition at the moment with space games, my money is on this one being the best, don’t know how your managing to pull it off with such a small team?!? I’m sure you have a reason for not wanting to go on kickstarter….but if you ever do, you have my beer drinking money for a month :)

  8. Just a little video I have made know your busy but please check it out
    Hope you like it

  9. Hello. Greetings from France. I’m very interested in this game, it could be a good reason to buy a PS4 (currently owning PS3/2/1). I’m a fan of space Explore/Trade/Discover games (X Series, Eve Online, Anarchy online, Evochron, and many others). I have two questions as this game is currently under development : (warning I’m NOT a PvP fan) will be some PvP implemented in this game and will it be avoidable ? I played and left Eve Online due to its wild PvP.
    Also it will be a PS4 exclusive on Playstation (I’m not a PC user anymore). As it is an online game (as far as I understood), will PsPlus be mandatory or not in order to play solo ?
    Thank you very much and keep up the good work.