Yes, it is! Our little guy will be jumping over a pool of sharks and through a flaming ring on to Google Play, Amazon Appstore and OUYA real soon!

Finally, right? Joe Danger for Android is based on Joe Danger Touch, which originally came out on iOS. Ever since, we’ve had thousands of requests to release it on Android, and what with our determination to see Joe on every format in the world ever (with Android, we’re now up to eight!), we’re super happy it’s coming :)


Joe Danger on Android have all Touch’s features, including HOURS of play across 80 levels, each with a Pro Medal to win if you can score a perfect run, online scoreboards and achievements, 29 different characters to collect and play with, and the Daily Challenge mode, which offers a special new level to beat every day.

But that’s not all! It will also be fully compatible with Android game controllers, adding a whole new way to play the game. Seriously, playing Joe Danger for Android with a controller feels completely different to using the touchscreen, and it’s even way different to the console versions.

So, if you’ve got a Xbox 360, PS3 or generic HID/USB controller, a MOGA gamepad, or the Nvidia Shield, give it a go! You must also tell us what you think :)

Oh and finally! You might think this goes without saying, but it also had to have beautiful 60 frames-a-second graphics, just like the original :)

It’s been so great to finally bring Joe Danger to Android with the help of our friends at SockMonkey Studios. Thank you! We’re even prouder of that little stuntguy than ever. We’ll be in touch with a release date real soon!

by Alex


  1. Can’t wait. I’ve been hoping this would come to android so I can give these guys some support while they make my dream game, No Man’s Sky.

  2. Make it free or you’ll have a bad time with piracy :(
    Just saying

  3. Infinity is still exclusive to iOS. This feels like a cynical release done just to squeeze just a bit more revenue out of an otherwise obsolete title. Personally, I’ve moved on and no longer buy games from iOS-first shops because I kind of get sick of being treated like a second class gamer.

  4. love to see the game on my galaxy note.
    Speaking of galaxies I can’t wait to dive into nms… ;-) ♥★☆☆☆★♥

  5. Nice post & waiting for this game.It’s so odd its entertaining! Great find! Where do you pick an amusement for a reload? Any of I’m so happy you did this amusement in a reload. I purchased it and I can’t quit playing.

  6. Good news. Let’s play in my galaxy

  7. Make it free or you’ll have a bad time with piracy :(