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We’re raising the banner! Activating the beacon! FINE AND FRIENDLY PEOPLE WANTED AT OUR COORDINATES!

So we’re sitting here, with E3 craziness behind us and so much ahead of us, and we’re realising we want some more amazing people to join us on our journey to No Man’s Sky and beyond…

We have a lot of exciting plans for adventures. If you’re lovely and super-talented, and able to work with us from our little office in Guildford, UK, we need your help.

Graduate programmerer!

Maybe you’re looking for your first job in the game industry? Maybe you would like to work on No Man’s Sky? Help us build big things.

– You have the best grades from a computer science or similar degree, and solid maths skills to at least A-Level, uh, level
– You have a solid understanding of C++
– You have some amazing demos of things you’ve been working on in your spare time that you can’t wait to show us
– You *love* games

Senior programmerer!

You are an experienced programmer, maybe with a focus on networking or graphics, but you have interests and abilities that span all game programming. Come help us solve some really big, fun problems!

– You probably have 4+ years experience at a game studio and fancy a challenge
– You might have lots of experience in networking or next-gen PC/console graphical/optimisation
– You can turn your hand to anything code-related, and enjoy working on all aspects of making a game
– You are the best programmer you know
– You *love* games

Junior arter!

Want a first job in the industry, or to develop your career? Come and make things with us! We have a galaxy to fill with them!

– You have a portfolio of super cool things on which you’ve been working in your spare time
– You can turn your hand to anything art-related, from concept to modelling, characters to environments
– You are the best artist you know. You find yourself compulsively sketching everything
– You *love* games

Please note!

Sorry, but we don’t take on interns or unpaid students. To apply, email us at with the role you’re applying for in the subject line, or use the links above!

And just to remind you, all roles will work from our office in Guildford in the UK. We work best together! For more info on working at Hello Games, take a look at our Jobs page.

Finally, we’re looking for super, super-talented people. We are such a small group that we often put up jobs ads and don’t hire anyone, unless we find the exact right person. We really hope you are one of these crazy rare people! :)

by Alex


  1. one day…

  2. Wow, I really want to have the junior art position, but, I don’t 3D model. Oh well. I’m sure you guys will find some amazing people for the project given your already immense success.

  3. If you ever, EVER need a cook/pastry chef for your eventual canteen (because you WILL grow), hit me up. I will work for you in a heartbeat and make you loads of delicious and new things!

    I’m serious!

  4. If you ever need a scientist i am your man. 2 Chemistry Degrees! Carl Sagan, Richard Feynman are my heroes

  5. Haha, maybe in a year or five. It’s nice to see you guys are hiring graduate programmers though.

  6. that means you still have to work on no mans sky ? :((((

  7. Just done my HND in creative media production and video game design. May as well give it bash!

  8. I was hoping to see systems engineer on here! I hope you guys find some great additions to your team. Keep up the great work!

  9. Pity you guys don’t take on guys for work experience : (
    2 years left for my games development degree, hopefully there will be a position then : )

  10. By the last listing I believe you guys are gearing up for release and are looking for some last additions to the game.

  11. If you need beta testers or stuff i am here :D

  12. Would to work with you guys. Check me out on LinkedIn. Worked on tearaway.

  13. I am amazed by No Man’s Sky, if you ever need a alpha/beta/who knows what Tester, let me know :)

  14. Like most of people here,if you need alpha/beta tester im here, we are all here ! But u proably don’t. :D good luck with game.

  15. Dang it, if only you guys wanted a java programmer and you where hiring 15 year olds and hello games was based in Ireland. So close… maybe someday :)

  16. Ah, darn, you don’t do internships. That would have been right up my alley.

    It’s great you guys offer explicit jobs to those who are newly graduated, and I am pretty darn local to you guys.

    I’ve just finished the first year of college, and have a solid understanding of C++, C# and (shudders) Pascal, so I’m going to dive straight at you guys when I hopefully graduate from a University in five years time!

  17. I’m pretty interested in applying for the Communications role, but I probably have a little bit to do here first. Damn, I wished I was at Hello Games instead of … oh, forget it.

  18. If only I lived in Guildford. I would love to work with you guys!
    No man sky gets me all kinds of excited and I just love the crap out of the art style.

  19. Sent my application for Communications Manager. I have an understanding of how products are created, and have a good idea of how visual production works. I would love to learn more about games and there difference to how other media projects are compiled.
    I have recently finished my degree in Media Production and am looking to start my professional career within media. I can write well and have an interest in your company and gaming culture as a whole. I would hope my passion for your project outweighs the necessity to understand the process of how video games are created initially, with an understanding that I would learn this along the way in order to achieve the best outcome from the work required.
    Fingers crossed.

  20. I wish I was in the UK. I’m in college for one more year becoming a Game Artist. I don’t allow myself to get below an A grading and I love 3D modeling. Maybe some day when I’m not held down I can try and join Hello Games. Good luck on all your hirings!

  21. I am a home grown modeler, animator and programmer which translates to jack of all but master of none. Really think I could contribute to No Man’s Sky but living in the US (currently). I really appreciate the breakthrough NMS is bringing to the industry and wish I could contribute somehow. Hope you enjoy my missile sandbox :)

  22. Damn, if only I was a couple of years older :( still, it’ll be something to look forward to playing & if beta testers are needed I’ll be waiting :D

  23. So what does that job for a communications manager and the need to build a global community for NMS say about the release date? Interesting.

    Me: I have none of the requirements you need. 5 degrees in different areas of science but not in the fields you need :) Wish you all good fortune and may the spirit of Cuchulainn and Danu look over you.

  24. If you guys need any beta testing doing I would love to volunteer for free. I have followed the news on No Man’s Sky since E3 last year and can’t wait for this game to come out. I’m an avid gamer and due to my shift pattern have plenty of free time and I would love to help.

  25. Nice, looks like there is some competition for the communications manager role. Will be interesting since there are all walks of life it seems.

    Myself, I have over 10 years forum moderation, 3 professional years as a Community Representative with EA/Easy Studios fpr 5 of their Free to Play titles, along with a further 3 years of voluntary community moderation for same titles.

    I am also voluntary community manager for Grenade Spam, which is a gaming site for those that just lost their gaming homes recently due to an EA Shutdown (Battlefield Heroes, Battlefield Play4Free, Need for Speed World and Fifa World) but we welcome anyone that loves to game and we currently host a Minecraft and Garry’s Mod server.

    In any case, good luck, have fun ^_^

  26. Oh man, I live 5 minutes away from your office, if only you offered work experience! Never mind, I have 4 years of uni ahead of me to build up a portfolio. There’s a goal for the future!

  27. Hmmm, I don’t suppose my family will miss me if I successfully applied for the Jr Arter position…the dogs might! Good luck to who ever gets it!

  28. I am not applying but I did pass this on to my son, who like me is quite obsessed with this little game you’re throwing together with 18 quintillion planet sized p….

    But I digress.

    My son is just 15 and studying computer programming in his spare time, between mowing laws and watching No Man’s Sky rumor videos on summer break. So I figured he ought to know the *kinds* of jobs that might be out there some day so he could potentially work on “No Man’s Sky III: You May Be Eaten By A Grue This Time.”

    p.s.: Thanks for already inspiring kids everywhere with this one, folks. It’s worth all the effort and it’s definitely MORE than just a game.

  29. Oh, working in a company like your’s would be like a dream come true. Time to learn some C++. (I only know C#,Java,python etc.) Code something to show to you. Earn money so I could move to UK and send an application and so on… Yeah. Not gonna happen ;_;

  30. been looking for the best way to break into the industry, and from you guys it seems that a degree is the way to go. thanks!

  31. One day, I will be your Communications Manager.

  32. Dahm, i am studying Java (Doing the Software developer course) at CTI ( And i am busy creating a game engine in java from scratch and no extra libaries, except the ones i create. Today i saw java is too slow and busy creating it in c++(Not very experienced) but i learn very quickly, I am basically writing a .dll file that would run the game and java just being the interface so i can then create a .so libary and make the game multi platformed, i am also waiting for my nvidia graphics card to come back from repairs so that i can start implementing nvidia CUDA in my engine for better performance. Engine status : C++ not connected yet and running on 50 fps with 2500 polygons on the JVM (CPU only Intel 3rd generation i5)

  33. Oh an one more thing, i am loving no man’s sky

  34. Man, that would be the ream job for me but I really am not that awesome :/

  35. @Markus Meripihka

    Don’t give up. It might not happen today or this year but if you really want to work in the games industry whether it is for Hello Games or another company then find out what is required and get those requirements, just don’t give up ;)

    @Dominic Cohen

    A degree isn’t always needed, in fact majority of developers encourage people to teach themselves. Best advice I got was to sit down, figure out what I wanted to learn or improve, find tutorials and literally dive in head first.

    Most of my Community Management skills are self taught and generally down to becoming a moderator at places and the way I did was being myself, helping others, providing feedback and most of all being an example for others to follow…throw in a little creativity and some knowledge about forum software/social media and creative writing and boom

    In other words, if you feel going to college/university will help you, then go for it but it’s not a guarantee that you will get a job instantly after gaining a degree unfortunately but don’t let that stop you ^_^

  36. Are you by any chance looking for a 21 year with no experience?

  37. My Computer science degree finishes in 2018; hopefully something will crop up then. This would be a fantastic place to work!

  38. I really liked playing joe danger, hopfully i will be one of the team in the next title.