D A N G E R! In your hands!

D A N G E R! In your hands!


Yes! Yes it is! We’re super excited to confirm what Shahid Ahmad said at Gamescom yesterday: both Joe Danger and Joe Danger 2: The Movie are coming to PlayStation Vita next year!

Joe Danger’s slow invasion of every game platform in the world continues! All shall tremble!

Actually to me it’s genuinely amazing see the original Joe Danger running in my hands, looking just like the original and at a super-smooth 60 frames-a-second. These things are so important to us (maybe a bit unhealthily so), and to the games themselves, and we couldn’t have done them without the Vita. That lovely screen helps a fair bit too 🙂

Vita also helps with its millions of buttons and sensors and stuff. It’s a proud tradition here to use every button we can – the Joe Danger Claw is a recognised medical condition. Sorry about that 🙁

Right now we’re shoehorning in some tilt, waggle and touch-based gameplay (TWT). Imagine, if you will, holding your Vita up to the sky and tracking a bird with the camera to make Joe jump over some spikes. The possibilities are literally endless.

I’m joking! We are obsessed with making Joe Danger on Vita feel every bit as satisfying as its console brethren. Promise. We’ve got a fair bit of work ahead to make that happen, but we’ll tell you more as we get closer, and maybe reveal a few surprises too!

by David

Howdy howdy howdy! Big news today! We’ve launched Joe Danger Touch’s biggest update yet, and also its first sale!

First up, from today it’s available at 66% off the normal price. So from the game’s usual $2.99 / £1.99, it will be $0.99 / £0.69p! I think that’s a pretty amazing deal for a universal app 😀 Quick, go get it right now!

We’ve also launched a massive FREE update, which includes a whole new game mode, new levels and much more!

The major thing is a whole new mode that doubles the size of the game! It’s called Calendar Tour.

Calendar Tour!

Here’s Tuesday’s Calendar Tour level – complete each level in the week and you’ll get a new set next week!

Every day of the week, you’ll get a new level for you to tackle. Complete each level in the week and you’ll move onto a trickier set of levels next week, but be warned – they’re all pretty tough 😉

We designed Calendar Tour to give you more reason to have a quick go every day, and not only will you get levels but also, if you complete the daily challenges, you’ll win BIG coin rewards to buy extra special playable characters with!

Luckily, then, we’ve packed in five brand-new characters in the update, including a cunning ninja and fierce pirate!

Joe Danger Apache

Joe Danger Touch update 1.0.3 includes five new characters to collect!

Finally, Calendar Tour adds a new and improved Laboratory environment to test your skills in, with different colour backgrounds and all-new obstacles and props!


The Laboratory, complete with alternate background colour!

This is the biggest update we’ve made for Joe Danger Touch since its launch in January, so it’s a fantastic opportunity to pick up the game – at a really nice price! Enjoy! 😀

by David

Pocket Gamer award

This is so amazing! Pocket Gamer just nominated Joe Danger Touch as the sixth best iOS game of the past five years!

“Hello Games showed the rest of the developer community how to successfully bring a console franchise to the iPhone and iPad when it released a version of PSN title Joe Danger on the App Store,” they said 😀

We’re made up. Ryan’s told his mum and she’s crying down the phone with pride at him. Grant’s doing a jig. Sean’s just crying.

And as it happens, Shortlist has just included the game on its list of the best games to take on holiday. What a day!

Best of all, though, it’s up front of some big Joe Danger Touch news that Pocket Gamer has also reported – we’ll fill in more details here tomorrow!

by David
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Joe Danger Touch!

We are getting really close to releasing Joe Danger Touch for iOS, and previews have been coming in thick and fast (we can barely keep up!)

If you have an iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch, then check out some of these lovely words – we are getting super excited about how positive people are being!

Pocket Gamer
“Shockingly… Joe Danger iPhone might be even better than the amazing console version”
“Does for Joe Danger on console, what Rayman Jungle Run did for Rayman!”

“It’s a faithful homage to the original games, while at the same time making a virtue out of touchscreen technology”

The Gamers Hub
“You’ll be pleased to know that it plays out like a dream”
“Frantic, classic, Joe Danger fun – and I can’t wait for it to arrive”

“All I can really say is: WOW. It’s simply fantastic so far”
“Can’t wait to review it, so I can gush about it some more”

Touch Arcade Preview

“There’s no reason to think Joe Danger Touch won’t be one of the year’s best on any platform”
“With a multitude of levels and an amazing variety of tasks to complete in those levels, this two finger game could be the next big hit”

148Apps Preview

by David
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My name is Dave, and I don’t normally post on the blog.

Normally we post happy fun silly things, but I want to talk about someting serious. Post-Gamescom Stress Disorder. The last taboo of videogames.

This is a genuine thing, for the last 5 nights since I came back from Gamescom I’ve woken up with the same nightmare. I’m back at our booth, I’ve fallen asleep on the floor, I’m naked and hundreds of people are waiting to play the game.

Every time I dream there is the same noise, I wake up hearing it. Anyone who visited our booth at Gamescom will know it. Our booth was sat beside this:

WarFace Choppa

At game shows like E3, PAX etc. each booth has a strict noise limit. Nobody can blare out whatever they want… I mean that would be crazy… At Gamescom no such limit exists. Every 15 minutes the WarFace helicopter would turn on two jet engines, and the world would shimmer a bit in front of my eyes.

At one point, I was taking a break. Sat under one of our tables at Gamescom, the helicoptor starts taking off again.. then the Sony guys next door decide to try and drown it out with their own music.

This is pretty much exactly what I wake up to every night…

If you have been affected by any of the issues in this post, please contact david@hellogames.co.uk

by David
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