We’ve never worked as hard as we just have to bring Joe Danger 2 to PS3. We even found the time to create 10 hours of extra content for PS3. You can read more about it here and here.

Over the last few months we have never slept less, or drank so much tea. We even finished off our first sack of 1200 tea bags.

I’m so excited to tell you that we’ve just gone Gold. GOLD! GOLD! That means it will be released to gorgeous PS3 owners everywhere really soon.

Over the next few months we have even more surprises planned. We’ll have more content to surprise you with, and don’t forget about Joe Danger on those iPhone things. Be excited!

by Grant


People are lovely really. We like them a lot, we especially like when they say nice things about our game. Joe Danger 2 has been given a lovely warm embrace by the press, and we only wish we could hug them all back. Unfortunately though, journalists don’t like to be hugged.

Here are some of our favorite quotes. Doesn’t this game sound good?

ZTGD – 93%
“The game play is fun and addicting, and the small problems I had with the first game have been ironed out completely. Buy Joe Danger 2: The Movie without any doubts.”

1up – 91%
“Joe Danger 2 shines with an impeccable amount of polish. Blockbuster season (and Microsoft’s Summer of Arcade) might be over, but the spirit lives on with Joe Danger 2’s goofball, Bruckheimery gusto.”

Videogamer – 9/10 
“A definitive and generous downloadable title that I can’t imagine where Hello Games could possibly expand on.”

Destructoid – 9/10
“Hello Games has gotten closer than ever to making a videogame Nintendo would be jealous of.”

Strategy Informer – 9/10
“There’s a fantastic sense of humour behind Joe Danger’s daring escapades and it shines through within moments of loading the game”

PlanetXbox – 8.7 
“an addictive and completely captivating experience that turns out to be a highly polished platforming experience with overlying driving gameplay”

Eurogamer – 8/10
“Joe Danger 2 is an easy recommendation… one of the most enjoyable games on any platform… fun at a very deep and instinctive level. ”

Gamesradar 4/5
“A brilliant lesson in sequel-making… It’s a worthy successor and one of the most standout XBLA titles this year.”

The Gamers Hub – 5/5
“This is the closest to gaming perfection you’ll find on Xbox Live Arcade – and on your local store shelf if it ever makes it to retail”

Front Towards Gamer – 9.5
“Even if you haven’t touched the original game, get your hands on Joe Danger 2, it’s one of the best downloadable titles of the year, hands down.”

“we can’t recommend it enough. Order your tickets and hold onto your butts, you’re in for a crazy show.”

This is my Joystick
“This is, without doubt, the game to own on XBLA this year. Undeniable quality and immense replayability, this has everything a great game should have and it comes at a bargain price. It does everything a proper sequel should, keeping the playability fresh and making it impossible not to come back for more… Essential in every sense of the word.”

“To have a game that looks so simple, yet offers so much depth and intricacy is no mean feat, and it’s this depth that will really sell the experience to gamers.”

by Grant
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Joe Danger 2 OUT NOW!

As developers this is the most nerve-wracking and scary time.. It’s also the most exciting time..

Joe Danger 2 is out NOW on XBLA! You can go and buy it and play it right now, for 1200 Microsoft Points!

We’re really proud of it and think you’ll enjoy it too.. Please log-on to XBLA and give the trial a go! (bonus points if you can find the hidden credits level :-D)

by Grant

Joe Danger 2 Videos!

People have been saying some really nice things about Joe Danger 2, we really cannot wait for Friday now, only three sleeps! Here are some previews by TheSixthAxis and Outside Xbox!

Also, we were on gametrailers tv!
The bit about Joe Danger 2 starts 16 minutes in. Be sure and watch the part about Media Molecule too, they live down the road and we love them lots.

by Grant
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Oh yeah…

I almost forgot. If you haven’t played Joe Danger SE, it is on sale right now. RIGHT NOW!

For this week only you can pick up one of the highest rated, most fun games on XBLA for a teeny 600pts. Then you can play it, finish it, all in time for Joe Danger 2 to release. Whoop whoop!

by Grant
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